The Chatter-twins

Miranda Perkins and Kaci Craig

What are the Chatterton twins like? “Well, they look similar,” Mike Brady, varsity girls soccer coach, said with a laugh.

You’d imagine that seeing a mirror image of yourself on the field would throw you off your game, but Jenna and Elana Chatterton find no distraction in one another while competing in these season’s sectional games.

The Chattertons are 15 years old, and for 80% of their lives, they have been playing soccer. The sisters have both enjoyed playing soccer since they were toddlers.

“We started playing when we were three, and at the time our parents were just having us try out different sports,” Jenna said. “Our favorites were soccer and
gymnastics, but we had to choose between the sports, and we all ended up playing soccer.”

Being the 3rd and 4th players in a long line of soccer playing sisters would be a hard thing to live up to. Brady, having coached the twins and their soccer playing family for seven years, noted that, “to watch all of them together, you see what a close family they are. [Their family is] good natured and high spirited, they’re all good people to be around.”

According to Kristin Hetzel, the assistant girls varsity coach, every time the twins step out on the field, they are always giving their best.

“They always work really hard and give their efforts,” Hetzel said.

The twins work hard so they can partake in this sport they both enjoy. They use soccer to connect with new people and friends.

“All around the world people, play [soccer]. So if you go to a different country, even if you don’t speak the same language, you can still play together,” Elana said. “Just like when we were on a cruise and we played with people from Portugal.”

The twins say soccer isn’t just about meeting new people, or trying to score goals, or blocking the next shot that comes your way. It’s also about making mistakes and then learning what you can do to change and fix that mistake.

“They are willing to put in the work to make the team better. You tell them to go do something [and] they will do it to the best of their ability,” Hetzel said.

This year, the varsity girls soccer team was predicted to contend for a state title, but they lost to Fishers in a sectional penalty shoot out.

According to their coaches, the girls put their strongest foot forward, affecting their team in a very positive fashion.

“That raises the bar for their teammates. They go after hard in practice, and that makes the girls around them play harder as well,” Brady said.

Whatever happens in their club season, or with the championship games in future seasons, Jenna and Elana say they will be giving their all for their teams.

“You can tell when both of them come on the field their teams were better because they were on the field”, said Brady.