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“So with high school, it being stressful, especially during midterms and stuff, I know it can help provide a little de-stresser from high school,” Stevens said. “Also it just makes you laugh and have fun, and I think that’s good for everyone. Everyone could use a laugh and a smile, especially today.”

Happy goat lucky: A goat a day keeps the worries away

December 16, 2019

Light, spiritual music plays from the stereo behind the instructor. You unroll your mat on the ground, and slide off your shoes — the beginning to any ordinary yoga class. As you begin your deep breaths, you feel something brush your leg. A tiny, furry, adorable… goat? As winter approaches and finals draw near, the stress level around the school begins to rise. Endless studying, desperate attempts to raise grades, and the constant darkness outside take a toll on students’ moods. At Happy Goat Lucky Yoga, a stress-free hour of decompression is only one goat away.

North elementary students smile joyously as they pose next to Melissa Jones, creator of the Girls Positivity Club. The girls proudly show off their colorful posters.

Empowering women: Noblesville elementary schools prioritize young girls’ health with motivational groups for youth

December 15, 2019

Two words: Women Empowerment. A topic that lots of young women are lacking throughout their daily life because of constant criticism and the pressure they face to create positive relationships and build a healthy amount of self love. To address this problem, both North and White River Elementary Schools are working with girls in K-5 through a group called The Girls Positivity Club to develop a stronger basis on self-happiness and accomplish ways to strengthen friendships.

2020 vision

2020 vision

December 13, 2019

The 2010’s shaped us, brought Gen Z closer together. Whether it was through memes, old tv shows, or trendy fads, our generation became a family, and we were shaped through it all.

Not your average princess: Senior Leah Spurlock has many magical activities to fill her royal days

November 20, 2019

Senior Leah Spurlock is a girl of many talents. At school, she’s a member of NHS show choir group, Singers. Leah is also involved in the theatre department, and is currently in the school’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” And when she’s not rocking it on stage, she’s making children's dreams come true.

“And to tax something that is a physiological need is to treat females’ biological needs as not fundamental physiological needs.”

Need, not luxury: Experts say the tax on feminine products penalizes women

November 19, 2019

Luxury is usually an idea associated with pleasure or comfort. Something not absolutely necessary. Something that you have no need for. Something that you can live without. One thing it’s not usually associated with is a tampon.

Seniors Briton Condellone and Carter Dubson sit with their cofounder, Sophomore Conner Meinerding, in their newfound company’s shirts.

The butterfly effect: Giving hope to the world one shirt at a time

November 17, 2019

Noblesville High School students Carter Dubson, Briton Condellone, and Conner Meinerding created a t-shirt company named RenderHope that takes this word to heart.

Just focus

Just focus

November 15, 2019

In a world where Mario Kart has taken over the App Store, hot-off- the-press news is at the tip of your fingertips, and your favorite social media personalities are uploading content every other moment, it can be really hard to just focus. Every day, students and teachers alike face the battle of classwork vs. distraction. So how do educators, along with those being educated, contend with this epidemic?

“I like helping people and being around the kids and the administrators and the teachers,” Crist said.

Putting a name to the face: Meet one of the longest-serving members of the NHS staff

November 15, 2019

Everyone sees them, but not everyone knows who they are. Noblesville High School has a full staff of custodians, working hard to keep NHS clean, an essential role in any school. And one smile that folks at NHS see every day belongs to a long-time member of that staff.

Ellie McIntyre is responsible for controlling the chaos behind the scenes of Beauty and the Beast. This is McIntyre’s first year as co-stage manager.

Backstage beauties: Take a look backstage at the crew who runs the show

November 15, 2019

When most people attend a theatrical production, they tend to focus on the cast. The people on stage take on a character outside of themselves, and act in an alternate reality. But, behind the stage are groups of people making the fantasy of the stage seemingly true, working tirelessly and silently. The production crew allows the script to come to life beyond the acting. And they do it all while going unseen. 

Senior Mahammad Rajabi is a soccer-loving, aspiring nurse with a heart of gold

Mahammad’s the man: Senior Mahammad Rajabi is a soccer-loving, aspiring nurse with a heart of gold

October 8, 2019

Not many kids in Noblesville can say they’ve played soccer in three different countries, much less on three different continents. But senior Mahammad Rajabi can.

Lois Wielinski plays her guitar at the Federal Hill Commons.

From square one: Senior Lois Wielinski uses her passion for music to create a musical festival for aspiring artists

October 8, 2019

When the Federal Hill Commons opened in 2017, it introduced an entire new world for NHS senior Lois Wielinski. The park hosts farmers markets, concerts, and other fun activities for the whole family.

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