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Dancing queen

Dancing queen

February 25, 2019

     Early mornings, loads of hairspray, intense makeup, matching costumes. These comprise most of the NHS dance team’s weekends. Competitions are one of the special times the team gets to showcase...

Plahm is the Bomb

Plahm is the Bomb

February 20, 2019

The yellow star of China. The red and green stripes of Mexico. The coat of arms of Venezuela… When one walks into Krysten Plahm’s room, the first thing that one will notice is the pictures on the wall...

Mangin in the middle of her  beam routine.

Sticking the landing

February 19, 2019

Not many people can say that they can do flips and aerials. Some people even struggle to do a cartwheel. Junior Olivia Mangin is a gymnast, and she has been perfecting skills like these since she was two...

We the people

We the people

February 19, 2019

At one point or another, everybody has to consider the question of identity. Everyone has to ask themselves who they are and where they belong. Whether it’s based on ethnicity, wealth, sexuality, or...

Tattoos of NHS

Kendall Reynolds and Kaleigh Newton

February 17, 2019

Life is infamous for throwing out hurdles that can seem more like mountains. After tremendous struggles to surpass the adversity we face, we’re left with new perspectives. Either in memory of something significant or simply to represent an aspect of themselves, many people choose to commemorate the things they love with something permanent: tattoos.

Everybody passes

James Simons and Jonathon Page

February 16, 2019

Senior Austin Miller sat at his desk with a large packet in front of him. The packet contained a letter that would determine his future plans. It was one of the most important moments in his life, and he couldn’t wait to tell his parents the exciting news. But before he talked to his folks, he wanted to share the info with someone else first, his English teacher Kim Lewchanin. Lewchanin, native Greenwood, Indiana, and has shown...

There's no stopping him

There’s no stopping him

February 15, 2019

Andrew Matthews’ first encounter with an instrument seems almost stereotypical. “My first memory of having a guitar in my hands was when I found an old guitar in the garage and asked my dad if...


Victoria Flanagin, Alyssa Cain, and Abby Hanson

February 15, 2019

Read here to learn how students at NHS are taking untraditional routes after graduation: Divergent

NHS members and sponsors pose for a photo at Riverwalk Village.

One blanket at a time

December 21, 2018

National Honor Society (NHS) is composed of 114 high achieving students who are dedicated to serving the community. The Noblesville chapter of NHS has logged nearly 1300 service hours and 600 tutoring ...

Writing her own story

December 20, 2018

“The reason I talk about diversity is because I know what it’s like,” senior Oriana Fuenmayor said. Oriana Fuenmayor is a modern-day immigrant, whose family had to flee from their home country...

Divorce stole Christmas

Kennedy Pastore, social media manager

December 20, 2018

      Remember the days when you’d run downstairs on Christmas morning, full of excitement and see your parents smirking at each other because they know they’re about to surprise you with the gift you wanted oh so badly? Or perhaps that was never your experience, and it if was, it was short-lived. Reality or not, this is the prototype of an American Christmas. However, according to the American Psychological Association, ...

O, Christmas tree

Eli Maxwell and Lexi Leisure

December 19, 2018

  Not many people wonder how football players spend their time during football season. (Obviously, they’re getting shredded in the NHS weight room.) The more interesting question is, “How do football players spend their off-season?” For many NHS gridiron athletes, their time is spent at selling Christmas trees at Mannix Farms, owned and managed by football coach Paul Stinn and his wife Susan Stinn. Mannix Farms ha...

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