The Way We See It


Mill Stream Staff

Resurrecting the ever-contentious freedom of religion debate, the recent creation of the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) club at NHS has incited discussions throughout the school. Students’ views of the club range from full support and belief in its principles to outright disbelief in the club’s right to exist.

     Founded by two sophomores, the SSA leaders say the club promotes the discussion of secular ideas and accepts atheist and free-thinking viewpoints. In a predominantly conservative Christian community, the club stirred up a variety of anti-atheist sentiments. Overall, though, reaction was varied from utter opposition to embracement.

     Although the Mill Stream exhibits a variety of personal religious beliefs, we collectively support religious expression across the board, including the right to express no religion at all. Everyone has a right to freely believe whatever they choose without fear of persecution. Clubs offer students the chance to express their beliefs, and thus the views of any one club should neither be suppressed nor imposed. We believe that all students should be able to respectfully express their convictions and opinions with ease and without any restraints. In addition, students standing up for their beliefs receive our support, respect and acceptance. Regardless of our own values, the Mill Stream supports all faith expression, personal and assembled. Acceptance of a variety of viewpoints is essential for diversity, which helps make for a more open and interesting society.

     For year, our school has supported Christian organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Young Life. All groups deserve this same treatment, regardless of their beliefs. They must all be treated fairly, equally and without suppression to eliminate any threat of a double standard.

     To put it simply, SSA should be given the same acceptance and respect all Noblesville students have shown any other organization. The Mill Stream accepts our school’s religious diversity and supports its expression in any form. We ask that you do the same. You do not have to accept everyone’s beliefs as your own; that would be the opposite of others accepting you. The Mill Stream simply urges everyone to respect and accept others’ rights to their own beliefs, just as you would wish others to recognize your rights.