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Carmel had to throw in near student section.

Carmel beats Noblesville in basketball playoffs 39-37 (March 6)

March 12, 2020

The Millers put up a strong game against the Greyhounds last week.

Taking the oath: NHS students are sworn into the military… from space

February 28, 2020

Officiating the ceremony was Colonel Andrew R. Morgan, a NASA astronaut currently on board the International Space Station.

Country singer Jordan Davis supports Noblesville kids in need

Country singer Jordan Davis supports Noblesville kids in need

October 1, 2019

Country singer Jordan Davis hosted a Blessings in a Backpack event with Vera Bradley at Promise Road Elementary School on September 14. Volunteers helped Davis pack 2000 backpacks with food and school...

The Millers go all out for the 2019 Homecoming parade

The Millers go all out for the 2019 Homecoming parade

September 26, 2019

Take a look at this year's hoco floats

Bill Ashpaugh is the owner of Cherry Wood Stables. Ashpaugh and his wife moved to Noblesville in 1980 and opened up the stables in 1983. In addition to tending to the horses, Ashpaugh has been able to witness the animal’s unique customs. “What’s funny about all the horses is that the colors all stick together,” Ashpaugh said, pointing to a group of horses in the pasture. “The two grays, they stick together, the two bays, they stick together, the sorrels all stick together. Everybody sticks to their own little clique. It’s just how they are. They’re buddies.”

Horsing around

May 22, 2019

Not everybody can call their backyard a horse stable. Bill Ashpaugh has been running Cherry Wood Stables since 1983. The thirty-acre property is the home to more than thirty horses owned by various locals from all around Hamilton County. For almost four decades, Ashpaugh and his workers have made caring for their horses their top priority. A visit to the massive dusty barn and the growing green pastures of Cherry Wood will seem like a peaceful break from the traditional suburban life we’ve all become accustomed to. The stables can provide an oasis from the chaos of city life.

@Kenna Corley

@Kenna Corley

May 1, 2019

Junior Kenna Corley is taking the social media world by storm. Corley is a lifestyle blogger who spends her time building her Instagram platform and personal blog.

Tattoos of NHS

Kendall Reynolds and Kaleigh Newton

February 17, 2019

Life is infamous for throwing out hurdles that can seem more like mountains. After tremendous struggles to surpass the adversity we face, we’re left with new perspectives. Either in memory of something significant or simply to represent an aspect of themselves, many people choose to commemorate the things they love with something permanent: tattoos.

NHS members and sponsors pose for a photo at Riverwalk Village.

One blanket at a time

December 21, 2018

National Honor Society (NHS) is composed of 114 high achieving students who are dedicated to serving the community. The Noblesville chapter of NHS has logged nearly 1300 service hours and 600 tutoring ...

Shoes for thought

Kennedy Pastore, Staff writer

May 31, 2018

     It’s often said that you never really know someone until you walk a mile their shoes. Taken literally, shoes are what carry us through our lives. For some they are the most essential piece of an outfit, and for others they are simply just worn because it’s required. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, it’s possible people may choose to determine what kind of person you are by which shoes you rock e...

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