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Dear future teachers, be warned…

Noah Zentz, Staff Writer

March 21, 2019

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     A widespread call for teacher pay raises has been on the rise in Indiana. As educators and advocates for a teacher compensation raise are taking it to Indiana’s political leaders to solve the issue, this question arises— is Indiana doing enough to meet the call for reform, or is reform even necessary in the first ...

A city upon a hill

A city upon a hill

March 20, 2019

The City of Noblesville, like a classic Renaissance painting, is a fine piece of art. The roundabouts, ...

The art of the matter

Bella Murdock, Sports Editor

March 14, 2019

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In a time where standardized tests and numbers on transcripts are used to determine a high school student’s worth, students are not being taught the value of the arts. Occasionally, students take art classes as “blow-off” classes because they don’t feel like they have to try to get an “A.” But some students know...

Separating the art from the artist

Separating the art from the artist

February 21, 2019

       A couple of weeks ago I began to write this article. I felt it was an important arti...

Staff ed: dear seniors…

Miranda Perkins, staff writer

February 15, 2019

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We, as students and young people, are often pushed to follow the idea of the American Dream. We are told that we have to follow a certain path to make our way in the world so that our future descendants will be able to live a better life than we did. We have to study hard so we can make good grades, so we can make it into good ...

“Happy” Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2019

Hint: it’s celebrated with cards and candy for elementary school kids and basically nothing for single pe...

Anti-vax moms

James Simons, Copy Editor

December 21, 2018

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Vaccinations are bad, according to credible sources including random moms with no medical background and the Taliban. In February of 1918, the respected medical journal, The Lancet published a study conducted by Andrew Wakefield. The study concluded that there was a link between the MMR vaccine, (measles, mumps, rubella) and au...

The cold war

The cold war

December 18, 2018

Winter: it's the most wonderful time of the year You wake up on a Thursday morning, a gentle white li...

Finding light

Sammy Snyder, Photo Editor

December 14, 2018

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     As the end of 2018 creeps closer, we find ourselves dividing into two groups: one, the band of people who think that time is slipping through their fingers, and two, the group who believes that time moves like molasses.      No matter what philosophy you follow, we often fall into the holiday tradition of self-re...

You can’t vote now

Tate Bailey, Co-Managing Editor

November 26, 2018

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Old People If a 16 year old cannot be trusted to vote on the basis of their underdevelopment and lack of common sense, then why should a 83 year decrepit individual be trusted to determine a future they will not live to see? I will concede that most of said individuals are probably withering away in a nursing home, and voting is ...

Waging a war without peace

Waging a war without peace

November 14, 2018

Throughout life, we don’t view all people through a single lens. However, today’s government system...

A global scandal

A global scandal

October 8, 2018

Today, I will make a very bold claim. Our home planet, Earth, is not a sphere. It is a circle, but i...

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