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Thrifting thrills: Senior Aubrey Rudy has a knack for transforming ordinary vintage clothes into a stylish wardrobe

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The noblest of coffee (and tea): Noblesville Coffee and Tea owners know there is more to a coffee shop than the drinks

The noblest of coffee (and tea): Noblesville Coffee and Tea owners know there is more to a coffee shop than the drinks

February 18, 2020

The average person travels about 30 miles each day, usually to get to their jobs and/or schools and then back home. But a majority of these people can’t even begin their daily arduous journey without a good ol’ cup of joe from a coffee shop like Noble Coffee and Tea. This 30 miles may seem like a hike every morning, but it’s nothing compared to the 8,176 miles those coffee beans travelled to be in your cup. Noble Coffee and Tea gets their coffee straight from the source, such as Ethiopia, and roast the beans right here in Noblesville.

An action step: NHS makes an effort towards social awareness

An action step: NHS makes an effort towards social awareness

February 17, 2020

Further than any book can recount, humans have struggled through injustices of every shape and size. Through microaggressions and full blown hate crimes, society has made an effort to weaken the links in the endless chain of prejudice.

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Butch “B-Rob” Robbins will be moving to China next August. This year marks his 34th year teaching at NHS. To learn more about B-Rob and read other stories, pick up a copy of the millstream around nhs!! Story written by Parker Mutter Staff writer & James Simons Features Editor

The girls basketball season ended yesterday with a loss in semi finals for sectionals. To see some more information about the freshman on the team grab a copy of the next millstream!!

Congrats to all NHS show choirs as they competed at Fishers today!! @nhs_sensation placed 3rd and New Dimension placed 1st in their division, Maletonez placed 3rd in their division, and @nhs_singers placed 3rd in their division!!! Great night to be a Miller!! 🎼🎤

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Back in the game: Coach Peckinpaugh steps up as new basketball coach
NHS head football coach Justin Roden steps down

NHS head football coach Justin Roden steps down

November 18, 2019

Noblesville High School varsity football coach Justin Roden announced this morning that he will not be returning to Noblesville for the next season due to personal family needs.

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A new horizon: Longtime NHS teacher Butch “B-Rob” Robbins is moving to China

James Simons and Parker Mutter | February 16, 2020

When you travel, you pack your bags with excitement, just bubbling with joy. There are no sacrifices made for your average trip. It’s an opportunity for you to escape the stresses of your everyday world. But for longtime teacher Butch “B-Rob” Robbins, that will not be the case this August.

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Locked in: Student and expert voices detail the experience of being trapped in an unhealthy friendship

Kate Draine, Lauren Patrick, Samie Eldridge, and Karen Hrlic | February 14, 2020

You’ve seen it before… A friendship starts well, ends badly. Fights happen, manipulation takes place, rumors are spread, and in the end, a lot of feelings are hurt. Although this is a very basic retelling of the plot of “Mean Girls,” it’s also a story that’s true to the experiences of many real-life teenagers and the friendships turned nightmares they’ve found themselves in. Happy relationships often turn into toxic ones. However, when you’re in a situation like this, the shift from healthy to unhealthy can be hard to notice until you’re already in too deep. Fortunately, movies such as “Mean Girls” featuring toxic relationships can sometimes help provide an example of what to look for when you’re stuck in an unhealthy friendship. While the premise of movies like this, with their dramatic high school settings and pink-coded Wednesdays, can seem far-fetched, the toxic friendships shown between bouts of teen angst and trust falls can actually be quite realistic. Friends talking behind each other’s backs, the status of superiority over another person, and endless teenage betrayals in the movies are seen today in the endless scrolls of Instagram and nonstop camera clicks of Snapchat. In high school especially, the overall stress from toxic relationships can hurt anyone, and the Burn Book of “Mean Girls is often only the tip of the iceberg.

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Roll for initiative: The Dungeons and Dragons club brings fantasy to life at NHS

Analyce Craft, Staff Writer | December 20, 2019

The lights of a small tavern flicker against the darkened night sky, bustling with folks of all shapes and sizes. As a tall elf woman refills the drinks at a particularly rowdy table, a stout dwarven man begins an argument with a buff orc that quickly escalates as another tavern worker confiscates the dwarf’s hammer and the orc’s drink. The orc heaves a sigh and quickly pays the elven women a few silver coins before making his way to the outside of the tavern.

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Reason for the season: Commercialism is ruining the holiday season

Jenna Schweikert, Staff Writer | December 18, 2019

Santa Claus is coming to town soon. All around the world, millions of children are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the big man himself: Santa Claus. The anticipation of reindeer hooves on the roof keeps little ones awake in their beds, while Mom and Dad tiptoe downstairs with arms full of presents.

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