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The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music

November 27, 2023

Soren Through Music

Soren Through Music

November 21, 2023

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Choose Your Player

Choose Your Player

November 28, 2023

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School Spirit: Warning of exhausted teenagers on campus

Savanna Hill, staff writer | May 24, 2023

Elementary school was fun while it lasted. If only our little selves knew how much school would quickly turn from parties and coloring books to anxiety and depression. The younger versions of ourselves shouldn’t have taken those pizza parties for granted, nor the days our teacher turned out the lights and put on a movie for the class. But as we progress through high school, we are led to one of our...

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Priceless Education: High school students are stuck with an unsolvable problem

Madeline Smith, Jillian Thomas, Carter Swart, and Max Habel | May 24, 2023

“Where are you going?” As graduation grows near, this looming question lingers above the heads of many high school seniors. Not only is this question often  redundant, it is also loaded. As it floats out of the mouths of grandparents, friends, neighbors, or teachers during cheerful conversation, the increasing expense of college twists the well-intentioned inquiry into a gloomy reality. It’s...

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Maria Celis and Kenzie Glass | May 18, 2023

When he’s not at school, NHS junior Tyler Cowan is often found staring at his computer screen. He’s editing photos, finding actors for his films, and completing the countless tasks to tie his final products together. From writing short stories during his free time to breathing life into them through film, Cowan is finding his place in the world of media. With this film making passion he developed...

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Soldier on: Senior Caroline Santerre shares her army journey

Anna Egleson and Thomas Whalen | May 17, 2023

Sweat beads on Caroline Santerre’s brow, as her muscles strain, battling her mind to force one more push up. She finally succeeds, and she feels all the relief and pride of someone who had conquered Mount Everest. Only, she has, in her own way; she pushed herself harder than she ever had, all for her dream: becoming an FBI agent.   The National Guard is a reserve component of the United...

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