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Driving past COVID: Noblesville High School bus drivers tell us how they have been adapting to COVID regulations

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Big Shoes to Fill: NHS welcomes a new choir teacher

Big Shoes to Fill: NHS welcomes a new choir teacher

September 20, 2021

Nark Dogs: A look into the life of Noblesville High School’s narcotic sniffing canines

September 20, 2021

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Football Game at MT. Vernon tonight! NOTE: You can NOT buy tickets at the game, it is pre purchase only! Click the link to buy tickets:

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NHS News
On the rise: Local wrestlers take their skills to the next level

On the rise: Local wrestlers take their skills to the next level

May 19, 2021

Giving your all in the form of blood, sweat, and tears. Mental fortitude. Killer instinct. These are the attributes used to describe the best athletes in the world, and they specifically go hand in hand with success in the sport of wrestling. There’s an old saying by world-renowned wrestling coach Dan Gable that says, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life comes easy.” Local students with a passion for the sport that burns like a bright light embrace this saying through their involvement in the Legends Of Gold Wrestling Club.

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Take One, Two, Three

Kylee White and Maria Celis | September 20, 2021

The first bell rings, classroom doors hang open as frazzled students roam the tangled halls, searching for the classroom they’ve only seen through a screen

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Zoom to Room: An inside look at NHS’ transition from hybrid to in-person learning

Addison Bussell and Olivia Jackson | September 15, 2021

The beginning of the school year can be caked with anxiety and nerves for students and teachers alike. The transition from free time to cram time is a lot to take in. Now, students face an even bigger challenge, because not only have they gone from summer to school, but the transition from Zoom to room haunts many. 

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Delta daze: NHS staff and students share their insight on the new COVID variant

Avery Lowry and Thomas Whalen | September 14, 2021

The year started out normal — masks were off and for the first time in what felt like an eternity, students could see the faces of those around them. It finally seemed as if the world was leaving this cursed virus behind. That was until the Delta variant, a new variant of COVID-19, seemed to throw everything for a loop. What happened, how did things come to this, and more importantly, what will happen? The...

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Summer School is Cool: Summer school’s reputation is changing

Anna Guinn and Gabe Fryling | May 24, 2021

The dreaded summer school, wasting your vacation away sitting in a toasty classroom where all of the information goes in one ear and out the other. This is what most students think of when you say you have summer school, but in reality, it is not like that at all. 

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