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From passion to profit: Niah Johnson’s love for photography has turned from just a hobby to a business

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Homebound: Due to COVID, teachers are confined

Homebound: Due to COVID, teachers are confined

October 9, 2020

Stand shields and safety: Senior Vincent Hammer creates stand covers to protect students

Stand shields and safety: Senior Vincent Hammer creates stand covers to protect students

October 8, 2020

You are sitting in the middle of your band class wondering how the world as a musician has become increasingly more dangerous due to COVID-19 with the risk of air leaking out of your instrument and the sides of your classmates’ mouths. There are ways to keep yourself and others safe during band classes: bell covers, social distancing, wearing masks whenever not playing, but what if you’re in a small classroom where it is difficult to socially distance? NHS Senior Vincent Hammer came up with a solution to this problem—plexiglass shields that cover the entire music stand to keep any air from escaping and getting to those around you. 

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COVID-19 versus Noblesville Millers: The need to keep players healthy has caused practices and games to look a little different this year


March 13, 2020

Despite a re-modeled version of the XFL, the league seems doomed to fail.

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A graduator’s goal: When seniors graduate early, the outcomes and current emotions are substantially different

Nicole Eldridge and Kendell Simpson | October 1, 2020

When the thoughts of graduation pass your mind, we think of the warm spring air with our parents snapping pictures of the end of our lives as children. We think of the need to pack our bags to leave in the next few months. We send ‘thank you’ notes to people we haven’t talked to in years and won’t for many years to come. We think of seeing the people we grew up with, the hundreds of students in caps and gowns. But this year, in the warm spring air, the graduating class of 2021 will be a little thinner. Many eligible students opt to graduate at the end of their first semester. 

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Noblesville Schools to close due to COVID-19

Jack Wanninger, Co-Managing Editor | March 12, 2020

Students will have no school Monday and eLearning from Tuesday 3/17 until 3/28

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Noblesville bowling team wins state

Kaci Craig, Business Manager & Photo Editor | February 24, 2020

On February 1st, after a hard working season, Noblesville High School's bowling team became the first ever co-ed team to win state. In the competition they competed against many schools in Indiana, but in the end they were up against Terre Haute South for the title of state champions. At the end of their season last year they had gone all the way to state and came in 4th. But coming into this year's...

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Behind the terror: Senior Elliott Craw brings scary creatures to life through makeup

Hope Lynas, Staff Writter | February 23, 2020

A dark, decaying house awaits your arrival. Stepping inside you see the face of a spine-tingling body. Screams reside in the shadows of every corner. Souls move rotting hands to their faces, terrifying those who pass. Alarming faces reveal themselves around each corner, skin dangling from their living corpses.

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