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Redefining Grace

Redefining Grace

May 23, 2024

Dribbling Dreams

Dribbling Dreams

April 22, 2024

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Not Your Average Joe
Going the Distance

Going the Distance

May 15, 2024

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This is May.

Aiden Caddell, Max Arnold, Heather McQuinn, and McKenzie Vitale | May 24, 2024

     IIt’s silent during the winter. In the spring there are rumblings, whispers. In May you hear it. Hundreds of thousands of skeletons shake when cars tear around a 2 and a half mile track in rural Indiana. F-35 fighter jets rip through the air over cornfields of a seemingly forgettable Midwestern suburb. In swarms, auto-sport fans from around the world migrate to this oasis in the middle of...

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Tuning Into The Key of Z

Max Habel and Aiden Caddell | April 17, 2024

TThe sharp silence. It fills the cavernous corners of Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University, plaguing the anticipating ears of all who fills the halls’ seats. Then a tidal wave of sound breaks the tension. The entire band erupts into beautiful harmony, each instrument playing their own part to make musical art. The saxophones in the ensemble are led by Zach Swanson, an NHS junior who’s been...

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Transformation Through Art

Max Habel and Morgan Trowbridge | February 20, 2024

Fourth grade Alex Shipley sits with his iPad pulled close, the screen lit with a cartoon character making dramatic faces frame by frame. The famous character has millions of followers, and represents the person behind the story it tells. Shipley, completely captivated, in awe while watching the YouTube video, was excited by the art of animation. Now, as a senior, when Shipley rewatches the videos created...

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We Want You

Mill Stream Staff | February 9, 2024

For many Americans, the date November 4th is cognitively recognized as Election Day. All across the country, good-natured folk go to their designated polling place, where they cast their ballots on who they believe best fit to run our country. Unfortunately, the idea of democracy can be lost amongst young adult voters, but it isn’t necessarily our fault. A misconception that many people have is that...

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