NHS: then and now


Photo by Image provided by the Barnett family

D.J. Barnett (left) and Camryn Barnett (right) pose for a photo. D.J. graduated from NHS in 1991 and Camryn is a sophomore at NHS.

Lexi Leisure, Staff Writer

NHS has changed tremendously over the years, which has caused for tons of differences as years have gone by.

English teacher Nicole May, who has been working at Noblesville for 21 years, attended high school here .“Growth brings opportunity, change, uncertainty and unity.” May said.

D.J. Barnett graduated at NHS in 1991. He has a son who graduated in 2015, Connor, and a daughter who is a sophomore, Camryn. Both D.J. and Camryn looked through their high school careers and reflected about their similarities and differences.

D.J. Barnett attended NHS before the campus became the middle school, and later Ivy Tech.
Provided by the Barnett family
D.J. Barnett attended NHS before the campus became the middle school, and later Ivy Tech.

D.J. Barnett

Graduating Class Size of 1991: 300 students                                              

  • What kind of traditions did you have?  

-We had more dances than [there are] now. Then the night before [homecoming each class] would try to egg the other classes’ floats so that they didn’t look good. Our class got last place every year.

-Most seniors, guys and girls, wore senior chords.

-We had a senior parking lot and you could decorate your space.

-Me and four or five guys did breakfast at Uptown Cafe every Tuesday.

  • What was the school building like? 

-The school I went to was at the current Noblesville Ivy Tech campus.

-We didn’t have a freshman center or anything.

– I remember we would meet up with our friend by these benches. Each grade had a bench that they hung out around.

  • What classes did you have?

-I took all the required classes.

– [No honors] I didn’t even know what hallway that was

-Photography was a elective, definitely, that was a fun class

-I think I took Shakespeare.

-I took a marriage class…and yes we had a wedding. This was more about real life. We would get a partner and we’d figure out our expenses on how to live and what we’d buy. I think I was the best man for the wedding we had
during class. I actually think the two people that got
married [then], are actually married in real life.

-I took two years of Spanish and two years of French. I didn’t want to take Spanish 3.

  • How was popularity defined?   

-Popularity was by if you were seen by other people

-Football games and social time between classes would help measure how popular you would be considered.

Camryn Barnett sings for show choir at NHS.
Photo provided by the Barnett family
Camryn Barnett sings for show choir at NHS.

Camryn Barnett
Graduating Class Size of 2019: 749 students 

  • What kind of traditions do you have? 

-One tradition that we do still is senior chords. You use them to look back at you four years in high school and reminisce.

-Powderpuff football

– I like the themed football nights. I think those are so fun and the whole school comes together.

  • What classes have you taken?

-I’m taking three honors classes currently and one AP class.

-I’m in show choir and I’m in Principle of Biomedical Sciences.

-Next semester, I’m taking film literature.

  •  How is popularity defined today?

-Popularity can basically be how many likes you get on
Instagram or retweets on Twitter.

-I would say there are a lot of little cliques.