@Kenna Corley

Junior Kenna Corley is taking the social media world by storm. Corley is a lifestyle blogger who spends her time building her Instagram platform and personal blog.


Lexi Leisure and Noah Zentz

What is your goal for your social media? My goals include bringing inspiration, life, creativity, and most importantly, my message to the Instagram community. My biggest message I hope to get across is the importance of self love, confidence, and how to spread it daily.

How did you get started with your following and social media pages? I have always loved anything that I can make my own. I love creating content, editing pictures, journaling etc. So when I started sharing my artwork with my followers, it all just kind of fell into place. I spent months researching how to grow through Instagram, connecting with some amazing people who I credit a lot of what I do to.

Run us through the process of posting the perfect picture. . .  To be honest, I really don’t have a specific process. All my photos are usually just a random photoshoot done with a couple friends or with my family. I try to incorporate a lot of colors, textures and of course, unique outfits. I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram and try to recreate them to make them my own. Of course, angles, background and all that are critical for my definition of a perfect picture as well. But I believe that the best kinds of photos are the ones that mean the most to you. Whether it’s a certain place, person or outfit, the meaning behind the click is what makes it all worth it.

What is your support system like? Haters?  I would say I have a pretty stable support system. I know a lot of people that love what I do and would have my back in any kind of situation. But unfortunately, with that, it does come with some amount of hate. As much as I try to avoid doing things that upset people, someone will always find a way to tear you down. I think the fear of being judged is what stops a lot of kids from doing what I do and expressing themselves.

What advice do you have for anyone dealing with hate on their social media? My biggest advice would be to understand the consequences that come with putting yourself out there, but leave it at that. There are certain people that don’t want to see you successful or happy, which to me, only makes me want to work harder. I know who has my back and who pushes me to be the best person I can be, and that is all that matters.

What are your  hopes for the future? My hopes for the future are to continue to grow through social media. I don’t want to necessarily grow in followers, but grow in a community. To me, the right kind of followers are much more important than the number. I want a community that not only supports what I do and gets something out of my content, but feels like a big social media friend group. I hope to grow closer to my followers and hopefully turn what I do into some sort of career, rather than just photos and blog posts. I hope to open up my own photography business and incorporate some sort of online clothing boutique where I will continue to spread my message of self-confidence and love to as much of the world that wants to hear it.