Time of my life

On my couch and in my sweatpants on prom night

Megan Elizabeth, Staff Writer

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Honestly, I think prom is one of the dumber high school traditions. Personally, a room filled with a thousand hot and sweaty teens, complaining that their feet hurt because their shoes that they borrowed from their older brother are not fitting correctly, does not sound fun to me. There’s just something about it, the dancing, the groping, and the popularity contest, it doesn’t sound like something I’d be into. Even though I think this way, I am only a sophomore and I really don’t have any experience to go off, at least not for this argument anyways. I’m not trying bash anyone who thinks prom is going to be the time of their lives because we all dreamed about it since that scene from High School Musical back then, but nowadays, prom is completely overrated. I hope to miss the American rite of passage. Trust me, I will survive, and I don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) about it either. I mean it’s just a bunch of sweaty teens dancing up against each other in hopes of a greater reward at the end of the night than some Taco Bell and that mango flavored Juul.

Even though I think it’s a completely stupid tradition, there is one good thing that comes out of buying that $30 prom ticket. It’s that list of “rules” that comes with it. It’s not even that rules that get me to laugh, it’s the phrasing. Rules like,“student are not permitted to pull their shirts up to expose their abs” and “dancing that involves a person or people bending at the waist”. I know that they want to keep the dancing clean, but I think we all get a kick out of the rules. I don’t want to end up going with that one guy I dated in high school, who my friends call him “he who shall not be named” like he’s Lord Voldemort, because it ended badly, and our picture being plastered somewhere forever.

Not to mention, prom is super expensive. I’m not going to drop $200 solely on a dress, plus more on shoes, hair, nails, dinner, and fancy transportation when I’m going to turn out looking like one of the geeky kids from 21 Jump Street arriving at prom. It’s just not worth my time, concentration, and most of all my money! Plus, I don’t need to be one-upped by that girl who arrives two minutes after me who has a $700 designer dress, diamond encrusted heels, and Beyonce’s hair and makeup artist. Also, if your trust fund is not going to pay for your prom dress maybe you can…”persuade”… your local rich boy or your boyfriend to pay for your prom necessities. Especially if he’s someone who gets distracted by shiny things. Just dangle your heels from last year in front of him, that you think are not good enough for this year and convince him to by you new ones. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but people do make way too big deal about prom.