The truth is out there


What they’re really hiding

Betsy Jones, Staff Writer

Scully and Mulder, some of our original guides in the search for the truth

The year is 1997, a typical day for radio show host Art Bell on the talk show Coast To Coast. So far the day had been relatively uneventful, until a frantic anonymous caller phoned into the show, claiming to have top secret information on the existence of extraterrestrial beings. 


The caller, whose name remains unknown, hysterically explained that, “What we’re thinking of aliens, they’re…they’re extra-dimensional beings. That an earlier precursor of the space program made contact with.”



The man seemed to have a significant amount of knowledge about the military, specifically the air force. His voice still shaking, the caller goes on to explain, “They are not what they claim to be. They have infiltrated a lot of aspects of the military establishment.” 



Bell, disturbed by what he is hearing, eventually reveals who this caller is and how he knows so much about the military’s involvement with the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life. 


The caller was formerly employed but honorably discharged for medical reasons. According to Bell, the caller worked in the infamous, top secret, United States Air Force facility known as Area 51. 


He tries to confess to Bell about the “disasters that are coming” and how the “government knows about them” but possibly the most bone chilling claim was that “They want those major population centers wiped out…so that the few that are left will be more easily controllable.” 


Seconds after the anonymous caller uttered these final words, the radio show suddenly lost transmission and the line was cut. The caller tried multiple times but was unable to make contact with Bell again and his whereabouts are still unknown. What is also unknown is who or what cut the line.


What they’re really hiding

This story is just one out of several about the heavily guarded military base in Lincoln County, Nevada. 


The Air Force base was created in 1955 and was officially named the Nevada Test and Training Range at Groom Lake. The U.S. Federal Government claims that the range was initially created to test U-2 CIA spy planes. 


During the Cold War, talk of Russian spies and communism rearing its ugly head ran rampant in the government. The U.S. started conducting reconnaissance missions over the USSR, but became wary of the possibility of being shot down. 


President Dwight Eisenhower was aware of this and decided on a probable solution. He started the process of creating a top secret military base where high-altitude aircraft could be tested. The operation was named Project Aquatone.


The landscape that eventually became known as Area 51 was familiar amongst the military considering that it was used as an aerial gun range in WWII. The location became the obvious candidate for the new top secret aircraft range. 


At first glance, there seems to be no conspiracy surrounding the mysterious testing range. The military has secrets that are needed to be kept in order to protect the safety of its citizens, and no logical or remarkable evidence exists to prove the occupancy of foreign entities within Area 51. Until…


In December of 2017, two videos were leaked that revealed Navy pilots coming in contact with unknown spherical objects. A third was released in March of 2018. The videos show the objects maneuvering in ways that even experts would argue is highly improbabile for modern day aircraft.


Just this week, Joseph Gradisher, spokesperson for the deputy chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare said, “The Navy designates the objects contained in these videos as unidentified aerial phenomena,” 


The founder of Black Vault blog, a civilian repository of government documents, John Greenewald Jr. said, “The most powerful military doesn’t know what these objects are,”


Greenewald doesn’t believe that Gradisher’s comments are any further evidence for alien life but the documents he acquired from his Freedom Of Information Act requests were enough to keep him searching. 


Are we really alone? No one can say for sure but, “We just have to keep asking those questions,” said Greenewald.


This is understandably cause for suspect. Both of these videos were filmed near military controlled testing ranges, could one of them possibly have been Area 51?


Roughly one decade after the opening of Area 51, local citizens reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects above the Nevada military base. A story was published for the Reno Evening Gazette titled, “More Flying Objects Seen In Clark Sky”. Sgt. Wayne Anderson, a local police officer, gives his account of what he saw. 


The object was “bright green in color and descending toward the earth at a speed too great to be an airplane,” said Anderson. 


The government denies knowledge of this and Air Force officials claimed that any unidentified aircraft was simply “natural phenomena” and “high-altitude weather research.” So, the story was eventually forgotten…but people have already started pulling the thread, it’s interesting to see what unravels.


The Cold War officially ended in 1991, yet the base is still active to this day. What’s really going on behind the walls of the highly guarded facility? Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minister of defense may have found the answer. 


Hellyer, who was in office from 1963-69, spoke at a panel in Ontario, Canada about the alleged discovery of alien spacecraft in Area 51. 


An anonymous former Canadian chief of Emergency Measures gave his testimony to Hellyer of his encounter. The chief was sworn to secrecy and never told of his experience until he was on his death-bed dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease. 


Hellyer claims to have gotten a phone call from a friend in the air force informing him that the previous chief of Emergency Measures was in fact dying and wanted to call Hellyer. 


“I phoned him and he gave me a full report of what he saw and the whole idea of the inside of the craft,” said Hellyer. “They [CIA] flew him to Area 51 and let him go inside one [U.F.O.] and observe it and make notes.” 


The anonymous chief is now deceased and his claims were neither confirmed or denied. 


Hellyer has more recently claimed that he has seen evidence of alien encounters while serving. He claims that there could be up to 80 species of extraterrestrials but some of them, “Look just like us,” he says.


Of course, there is a possibility of falsehood when considering this is mostly anecdotal evidence…or is it?


In 2017, the Pentagon had officially made a statement saying that $22 million dollars was used to research “anomalous aerospace threats”.


The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was used in the search for extraterrestrial life in the 1950’s which happens to be the decade Area 51 was created. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


To recap, several people over decades claiming to see strange lights in the desert, strange debris found miles away from Area 51, people claiming to have evidence are never heard from again, and government officials are continuously being caught in lies…trust no one. 


Since the government refuses to answer any of our questions, we must turn to the fantastic as a plausibility. Whatever they’re hiding, they can’t stop all of us. Stay safe, and in the words of Fox Mulder, “The truth is out there, and I want to believe.”