The signs say it all: Horoscopes are at an all time high… here’s why

Kendall Reynolds, Photo Editor

In life, nothing can just be. An article of clothing can’t just be a poorly tailored piece of cloth. A child’s acting out can’t just be an impulsive reaction to them not getting their way. A birthday can’t just mean a year longer lived. Since my sixth grade year, I’ve filled out charts sorting seemingly meaningless symbols into what they truly represent. You know those charts your teachers assign you where you have to read a story and then make a list of symbols and what they represent? One symbol that I’ve continuously identified has been the star and how stars represent one’s fate.

At some point in our lives, most of us have downloaded a horoscope app to have a better understanding of what to expect throughout the day. If you haven’t, you should. There’s a seemingly infinite amount of horoscope options in the app stores and just as many websites that will share your life’s outcome.  Horoscopes often provide an unexplainable sense of comfort to those who read them. When I check my horoscope it’s often because I’m searching for reassurance. Often times, I search for why my day happened the way it did, or that tomorrow won’t actually be as horrible as I predict, or to see if I would actually have a chance with  the person I’m interested in.

Horoscopes allow us insight into our everyday lives. They offer a sense of security for those who struggle to live through excruciating long days. Having a stronger understanding of as to whether my day will be satisfactory or not is much more appreciated at 7:30am opposed to 11:59pm. A brief summary of the aspects of life I will encounter in that day (vibe, success, health, etc.) is often relieving.

We trust the stars and our horoscopes as if they are our close friends. They offer support, advice, and comfort to those who seek it. They offer a sense of belonging and acceptance. Whenever I’m having a bad day, it’s easier to say “I’m this way, because I’m a Leo,” or “This happened, because this horoscope app said so.” I personally believe that I am who I am because of those dozens of stars several light years away.