Musically Gifted: Multi-Talented Marshall Axsom has many musical ambitions


Marshall Axsom (middle) plays the piano during an after school practice. He is a member of the show choir band and the NHS Singers.

Gabe Fryling and Ian Pigors

Music is a universal language that broadens a connection between people through listening to it and composing it. This passion holds true for many people around the world, and for junior Marshall Axsom, it’s no different. 

For Axsom, music is a large part of his everyday life. From piano to show choir, music has always been relevant to what he does. Over the years, Axsom has strengthened his musical abilities, and has become a multi-talented musician.

Axsom did not develop these skills overnight, but rather began developing his pianist abilities from a young age. 

“Marshall began playing the piano around age 5. We had a piano at home and he and I just started doing little lessons,” Alex Axsom, Marshall’s father and choir director at Noblesville West Middle School, said. 

While Axsom’s talent has expanded because of his determination and dedication to his music, he was fortunate to grow up in a musical home. 

“His mother and I are both musicians, so there is hopefully a little natural talent. His dedication and love of the music has definitely helped him develop into the musician he is and hopes to become,” Alex said. 

Axsom’s natural talent and hard work has led to where he is today. But the piano is more than just a hobby for Axsom, it is something he loves.

“My favorite part about the piano is how much you are able to do with it. It is such a unique instrument and you are able to play lots of different and unique songs that you would not be able to play with any other instrument,” said.

Axsom’s passion for the piano stretches beyond playing for fun, and his talent could open up many doors in music for Axsom, 

“I would like to go into a music career and to hopefully be able to do something with the piano, whether it be piano performance or composition or something else with the instrument,” Axsom said. 

Marshall’s skills exceed the talent for the average pianist, and he has impressed many people over the years, even some of his closest friends. 

“I know he had started playing the piano when we were kids but it was sometime in the last five years when I really noticed that he was getting really skilled as a pianist. I believe that his dedication to the classical genre is what sets him apart from the other people around [him],” sophomore Jacob Norris said. 

Norris has noted how feels the rhythm not only through his playing abilities, but wi

There have been several times we have been together and he has started playing for me. I have found the way that he gets so into whatever song he is playing,” Norris said.

While Axsom excels at the classical genre, he also excels in many other types of music too. Axsom believes that in order to be better as a pianist you have to be versatile and enjoy different styles of music.

“That is a really hard question because in order to develop as a pianist, you have to enjoy playing many different genres and eras of music. However, I really enjoy playing some of my favorite tracks from my favorite video games,” Axsom said.

Axsom has been a member of multiple show choirs through middle school and high school, but his love for choir began before he was a part of any group.

“My dad teaches show choir at west middle school, so when I was in elementary school, I would sometimes sit in my dad’s office in the choir room and listen to the show choir sing, and I thought it was really cool,” Axsom said.

Of all the sets Marshall has been a part of, his favorite set was the Singers set from 2018, which he performed his freshman year. 

“‘The Wedding Singer’ set was awesome because it was so different and unique from the average set,” Marshall said.  

Kelsey Maxwell, freshman piano and choir teacher, believes Axsom has  matured as a singer since she first heard him his freshman year. 

“I think he has developed a lot as a singer since his freshman year. He sings out more than he did years ago and has developed a lot in terms of performance. He performs at a much higher level than he did his freshman year,” Maxwell said.

Marshall’s effort and dedication efforts and dedication to show choir and piano has advanced Axsom to where he is today. He holds many talents and skills that the average pianist does not have. 

“The most special thing is the fact that he is so young with the talent he has. He’s playing music no 16 year old should be able to play and he does it with ease. Not only that but he can memorize it,” said fellow show choir member junior Keston Jacobi.

Jacobi laments that even at Axsom’s young age, he is one of the best pianists Jacobi has heard.

“I hear him playing all the time and every time it amazes me with how good he is. It’s insane because he’s the best pianist I’ve ever heard play and he’s only 16 years old,” Jacobi said.

Axsom’s musical abilities will likely open many doors for him in the future, and he says his enjoyment for the piano and performance will not falter over the years. 

“I love performing music because it is an awesome way to give back to the community. Music has the ability to make people happy and forget about their lives and just get lost in the music, and I just love making people smile,” Axsom said.