Miss do it all: Junior Abby Pittman has her foot in many NHS clubs

Junior Abby Pittman has her foot in many NHS clubs

Miss do it all: Junior Abby Pittman has her foot in many NHS clubs

Hailey Durm and Gabe Fryling

What is the definition of a “true Miller”? Someone who is a varsity quarterback? Or the popular kid everyone knows and loves? Or maybe even the straight-A student who competes in math competitions? These may be true, but there is one student who never fails to show her Black and Gold colors and that is junior Abby Pittman.

Pittman is more than a traditional student. She’s well known among her friends for her upbeat, optimistic personality, and she can be found at almost any NHS event. She’s the junior class president, but her involvement in clubs is more than just student politics. 

“I’m in Student Government, Principal’s Advisory Council, and Mayor’s Youth Council,” Pittman said. “I’m also a part of Noblesville’s Young Life and a leader for WildLife, and unofficially, I do a lot of work for the NHS Peonies, as well as a lot for Noblesville Fueled for School.”

These groups are all major parts of her life, and Pittman puts lots of time and energy into them as well. 

“I’ve been president of my class for the past three years,” Pittman said. “Student government definitely takes up the most of my brain power and hours. I love student government though, it’s genuinely my favorite thing.”

Despite Pittman’s love for student government, it can create a huge headache for her during certain times of the year: Homecoming and Prom. These are two weeks where student government takes a lead role, helping plan and direct all activities. 

“During homecoming week, I really couldn’t do much else besides student government,” Pittman said. “Every single year homecoming week is so stressful, it’s surprising that I’m still standing by the end of it.”

All of these clubs and activities never fail to fill up her schedule every week. But the school year is not the only time Pittman is working to help others in her community.

“I volunteer mainly over the summers, and then Young Life/WildLife are pretty easy to manage,” Pittman said. “In the summers, I direct for a theater company called Stone Soup’s Children’s Theater.”

Pittman has been noted by many of her companions as a natural leader who knows what to do no matter when. She often has a leadership role in her clubs, and others recognize her as the perfect fit for them. 

“She is a natural leader and just radiates positivity. She dedicates so much time into going above and beyond for our school and never fails to impress me,” junior Brooklyn Ely said, who serves as Pittman’s Vice President for the junior class.

No matter the time of the year, Pittman can be found lending a helping hand. Pittman’s life may look chaotic to others, but for her, it’s easy to manage, and she loves every second of it. 

“On Wednesday’s, I usually try to go to breakfast with my friends for late start. I have a lot of meetings if it’s a Gold Day, usually the Principal’s Advisory Council,” said Pittman. “On Tuesdays, I have Young Life at night, and twice a month I have the Mayor’s Youth Council and on Friday mornings, I have Young Life again. Typically, I am at whatever sporting event is going on at night.”

Pittman strives to keep up with her busy life and she keeps her schedule full almost every day of the week. But even for her days where her schedule is open, she still chooses to be somewhere instead of at home. 

Usually on my off days, I typically do something anyways, but it’s only because I like to be busy. I like to be really involved in everything I care about. I never have anything scheduled on the weekends because I love Miller sports,” Pittman said. “Every Friday, I’m definitely at wherever the big sporting event is.”

Pittman’s roles in her clubs are just as significant to her and her companions. Ely is not the only one who recognized Pittman as a natural leader and a hard worker, as many other students and teachers also know her to be one. 

“The great thing about Abby is [that] she’s a person that has so many strengths. Abby is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met,” junior Anna Mullen said. “She is the definition of selfless. Abby also has drive like no other and is willing to do the hard work to succeed in her ambitions.”

Pittman says her involvement in her clubs comes from her passion for the Millers. Her motivation to help others comes from more than just her wanting to help — it’s something she’s felt she’s had to do for her whole life. 

“My entire family is Millers, I’m a third generation Miller. My whole life, I’ve been eager to do things like this, so now that I’m in high school, I feel like I’ve been waiting on this forever,” said Pittman.

While Pittman has jumped at every opportunity she can, the past two years shadowed by COVID and its restrictions have made it difficult for her to do as much as she had previously hoped. 

“The last two years were kinda ‘Meh,’ so this year I want to go all out.” Pittman said.

Over her first half of high school Pittman has built herself a reputation for being a leader who wants others to succeed. This is a value that other students say they admire about her. 

“She is an incredible partner, always encouraging me and our representatives,” Ely said. “Abby Pittman knows how to work a room, she understands how to gain and keep the attention of all members. She has definitely earned her respect as 2023 class president, and I wouldn’t want to have anyone else as my partner.”

Abby says her drive to be successful in anything she does and her wanting to make the most of her high school years has molded her into who she is today. But while she is involved in so much, her friends recognize how much she cares for others.  

“Abby is the type of person that sacrifices her own needs to fulfill those of others,” Mullen said. “I know that Abby would do absolutely anything in her power to see the people she cares about happy.”