The evolution of home: Noblesville is beginning to lose its small town feel


Photo by Avery Lowry

Avery Lowry, Co-Features Editor

What once was a small, tight-knit community is now being transformed into something much bigger. As new housing units and more urban infrastructures sprout up across Noblesville, many long-time residents have questioned whether these new additions are working towards the benefit of not only them, but Noblesville in general. 


Despite the controversy, representatives of Noblesville have been making plans that convert Noblesville into what some would call more akin to surrounding cities like Carmel. Many residents have begun to grieve the loss of the small town feel that Noblesville once provided. 


Noblesville has, in years past, been acknowledged as an ideal place to settle down – to raise a family and allow for children to grow. However, as Noblesville begins to extend its branches towards a larger number of people, many residents who have lived in Noblesville for quite some time question if it is still accommodating for the youth.


Because of this rhetoric, many students have opted to join organizations where their voices can be heard – organizations that represent the wishes of the youth of Noblesville. Currently, the Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC) is creating ‘Focus Groups’ – committees that will benefit the younger generations in Noblesville. There are four groups: Youth of Noblesville, Mental Health, Diversity, and Environmentalism. 


Junior at Noblesville High School and Social Media Manager of the MYC, Ellie Payne, stresses how these Focus Groups will help in creating a more equitable, loving community.


The MYC Focus Groups will “work with committees and organizations to create projects that will better [the lives of] the youth of Noblesville,” Payne said.


In short, it is beyond evident that Noblesville is evolving. Whether this change is good or bad varies from person to person, but one thing is certain – groups such as MYC are actively working for the betterment of not only Noblesville, but the youth of Noblesville, too.