Disappointing endings: NHS show choirs did not qualify state finals


Photo by Maggie Hoppel

Maggie Hoppel, Staff Writer

Where art and competition come together, disappointment is imminent. Recently, the NHS show choirs learned this lesson the hard way. 

The show choirs hoped to qualify for the ISSMA State competition this past weekend. Some seniors, accustomed to Noblesville’s success in the past, even took the opportunity for granted. However, to many students’ surprise, a different result came from their performance. 

“Show choir state finals were on the nineteenth, but [the Noblesville show choirs] did not make it. They had been expecting to, since they had been doing well at their other competitions, but because ISSMA did not regulate their judging requirements a group who we had best at other competitions made it to State over us,” said Jenna Dopps, a member of the NHS show choir band. 


Both students and teachers were so disappointed about the loss, and the injustice behind it, that their future participation in ISSMA programs is in question.


“The show choirs will no longer participate in State until the organization fixes the flaw in their program,” said Dané Goosen, who sings in the group “Sensation.”


While the ISSMA State competition went on last Saturday without Noblesville representation, the show choirs are far from finished performing this year.


  • “There are concerts on May 17th and 27th,” Goosen said.