Bringing about change: Bring Change to Mind is planning their next community project

Anna Guinn, Staff Writer

Bring Change To Mind (BCTM) is a nationwide club dedicated to mental health advocacy. With the NHS Bring Change To Mind winter food drive, which donated a total of 400 food items, just two months past, the club is on the road to their next project. 


With an impressive 75 members striving to assist the community, they introduce their next project just this month. Abigail Crossman, the president of BCTM, leads the collaboration for NHS with the club’s sponsor, sociology teacher Stephanie Gilbert.


“This semester, we have already taken a meeting to learn about mental health in relationships and how it can be affected by intimate partner violence,” Crossman said.


BCTM plans a partnership with Prevail, an organization attempting to emphasize the voices of crime and abuse victims. 


“In the coming months we are hoping to partner with a domestic violence shelter in the area to put together boxes for survivors of domestic violence and abuse,” Crossman said.


Although still in the planning stages of their next project, BCTM at NHS is dedicated to advocating for those who are struggling mentally to make Noblesville a safer and more educated place.


“While we can’t do much on a large scale, we think that it is very important for every member of BC2M to understand the social aspects of mental health and how the small things they do can help others.”