The finals frenzy: Ways to deal with stress during finals week


As students try to meet the demands of finals week, they often feel overwhelmed. Enormous amounts of pressure can lead to burnout and make it difficult for students to study and prepare for important tests.

Aubrey Paul, Staff Writer

Reality is slowly setting in for many NHS students as the most dreaded week of the school year inches closer and closer.

Finals week is similar to doomsday for many teenagers. It’s when time begins to run out, the school hallways are buzzing with anxiety, and that grade you thought you had a chance to fix becomes solidified on your transcript forever.

The strenuous nature of finals week causes many students to become overwhelmed with stress, regardless of grade level. However, there are multiple ways students can ease their worries during this time.

Junior Natalia Andrews offers her advice. She is nervous for finals in her precalculus and AP Biology classes, but she finds reassurance by relaxing her mind.

“I like to make sure that I start preparing early, and I also like to make sure that I make time for myself by spending time doing my favorite hobbies,” Andrews said. “To try to cope with [the] anxiety that comes with finals, I make sure that I talk to my friends … and spend at least a couple hours every week doing things that help me decompress and relax.”

According to Paradigm Treatment, a company that provides teenagers with ways to care for your mental health, making time for yourself and with your friends truly is one of the best ways to destress. Other strategies include getting a healthy amount of sleep, maintaining a balanced diet, and keeping a positive mindset. 

Another NHS student has a different approach to keeping her head above water during finals week. Senior Mitra Morgan emphasizes the importance of having a designated area for studying. 

“One thing I do to help my nerves is to keep my work space clean,” Morgan said. “Often times having a clean, organized place to work helps me stay focused and keeps me from freaking out.”

At the end of the day, discovering what study methods and relaxation techniques work best for you is key to brushing off anxiety during stress-inducing situations. Whether you’re concerned about math, music, or microeconomics, you should be proud of your efforts, regardless of their outcomes.