10 myths teachers tell you

Lexi Leisure, Staff Writer

1.) Myth: “This is all going to prepare you for the real world.”
Truth: Sure, some of the things you learn may actually be useful, but most of it you’re going to forget by next week.

2.) Myth: “You can’t turn in late work.”
Truth: There are some teachers who are strict with turning in late work and others that don’t care. This myth really depends on the teacher.

3.) Myth: “The dress code will be enforced in high school.”
Truth: In middle school there were all these restrictions when it came to clothing. Remember the “no shoulders ” rule? Here at the high school you have way more freedom.

4.) Myth: “This is your last year of ISTEP.”
Truth: Ha. I’ve been hearing this for years. Teachers keep telling us that we don’t have to do it again and then come fall the ISTEP packet is back again. Now this isn’t necessarily the teachers fault, but from now on I’d like to not have false hope.

5.)Myth: “The heat is on.”
Truth: I’m always cold at school. No matter the season or the weather, it’s so cold in the building. I don’t feel like wearing a winter coat to class, but I will if I must.

6.)Myth: “Now that you’re in high school, we expect more of you.”
Truth: Of course, as you get older you have more responsibilities. I’m not disagreeing with that. The standards are high, but not that high.

7.) Myth: “I like all my students equally.”
Truth: We all know teachers have their favorites. Some teachers just want to spare your feelings.

8.) Myth: “There are no stupid questions.”
Truth: Usually when a teacher says this they are fishing for questions. While we really shouldn’t judge other people with their questions, typically everyone does. So yes, there are stupid questions.

9.) Myth: “This may or may not be on the exam.”
Truth: If you ever hear a teacher say this, it is almost one hundred percent going to be on the exam. There is no trick to this.

10.) Myth: “This small quiz won’t affect your grade.”
Truth: If it’s a small quiz, let’s say 5 points, then it’s easy to fail. Sure if you can get five out of five then that’s perfect, but a three out of five is a D-.