Kick ‘Em to the Curb

The Millers girls varsity soccer team took down HSE to win the County Championship game 1-0.

The Millers girls varsity soccer team took down HSE to win the County Championship game 1-0.

Tyler Semler, Staff Writer

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Most athletes often have one thing in common: they’re always training to achieve some kind of goal. Success is often a difficult thing to achieve, and many players frequently have to face adversity and criticism not only from others, but themselves. What is even more difficult is to be able to succeed over and over again, time after time. Yet, the Noblesville girls soccer team continues to thrive under coaches Mike Brady and Kristen Hetzel, evident from yet another fulfilling season.

    Although the team’s season ended with a loss to Penn High School, the top ranked team in the nation, they made it to their second consecutive semi-state game. Along with that, they accomplished many things throughout the season winning their sectional, regional, and conference.

    “We won our sectional which is not an easy sectional to get out of,” senior varsity goalie Amanda Carmosino said. “The teams in our conference have some really good players and just like us, they desperately want to win.”

    The majority of the team said something was something different about this year’s team that stood out from past teams that made it possible for them to accomplish so much not just on the field as individual players, but also as one team.

    “This team’s bond was a lot greater than in the past,” Carmosino said. “In the past, we’ve had cliques, separate groups and people wanting to be on their own, but this team was pretty close teammates and friends on and off the field.”

    For most of the team, making it as far as the semi-state game came as a surprise, as many weren’t expecting this year to be anything special after losing seven seniors due to graduation.

    “We knew we lost a lot of starters and a lot of talent. We were a pretty young team and didn’t have a good defense, but as the season went on, puzzles pieces started to fit and it worked out,” Carmosino said. “We were trying to find players that could fill the shoes of the graduated girls and we slowly formed a back line that worked well together. The rest of the team gained confidence knowing that we had a strong defense and that confidence helped our team grow stronger and better over time.”

    Assistant coach Kristen Hetzel agrees with Carmosino that this season came as a surprise.

    “We went into the season not really knowing what we were going to get,” Hetzel said. “From year to year, you have to get used to new players and different personalities, but by the time we got to the state tournament, I would say as a team, this was probably one of the strongest groups of girls we’ve had since I’ve been here.”

Carmosino also added that this team’s bond was unlike any other team she had been apart of during her high school career.

    “The atmosphere and the culture that we create through the team is great,” Carmosino said. “Our team in particular is always bonding and always together. We can get sick of each other, but we love coming to practice. We love playing games and we love winning along with that.”

  Hetzel believes that with the team exceeding expectations this year, next year’s team will be even better with leadership playing a big role.

    “By the time our senior class becomes seniors, they’re always such strong leaders,” Hetzel said. “That leadership trickles down to everyone. I am confident next year when the juniors who are rising to be seniors come, they are going to provide that same leadership.”


    Sophomore Jada Tooley, who played varsity defensive outside back also acknowledged the bond of this year’s team.

    “This team stresses the importance of ‘We are Together’ and I think that’s what makes us different than past teams,” Tooley said.

    Although the season just ended, Tooley is already excited for next year.

    “I am looking forward to being more of a leader because I will be an upperclassman,” Tooley said. “I am also looking forward to playing with my friends again. I have made many friends from high school soccer and I can’t wait to make even more.”


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