Coke or Pepsi

Lexi Leisure, Features Editor

Try answering these questions and you’ll see what your answers really say about you. Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?


Truth or Dare?
A.) Truth – I’m into telling juicy secrets

B.) Dare –  Give me a challenge

C.) Neither – I hate that game


Driver or passenger?
A.) Driver – I love to drive

B.) Passenger – I call shotgun!

C.) Don’t drive – I’d rather walk

Working alone or working in a team?
A.) Alone – I get more done

B.) Team – I’m a social butterfly

C.) I don’t care – Whatever is instructed


Would you rather get rid of music or movies?
A.) Movies –  Movie Marathons all the way

B.) Music – Music is my life

C.) neither – I’d rather read


Which is better breakfast or dinner?

A.) Breakfast – The most important meal of the day

B.) Dinner – Good food

C.) Break for dinner – I live on the wild side

Would you rather be stuck in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?
A.) Antarctica – Snow angels for days

B.) Sahara Desert – Sun tanning season

C.) Someplace random – I’ll go anywhere

Would you rather only be able to lie or only be able to tell the truth?
A.)Truth – It is best just to be honest

B.) Lie – It would be better for everyone

C.) Both – but plot twist you can’t control when you lie or tell the truth


If you had to kill somebody to save someone you loved, would you?

A.) No – I don’t want anyone to die

B.) Yes – Sacrifice

C.) It depends – How much do I really love them


Would you rather have a yacht only you could use or have a yacht only others would use?

A.) Only I can use – Partying by myself

B.) Only others can use – They can have fun, I’ll watch

C.) No one uses it – If I can’t use it, no one can


If you answered mostly A: You are on the shy side. You tend to stay to yourself. When it comes to making decisions you usually choose the safe route, but you make sure your input is heard.


If you answered mostly B: You are a very outgoing person. You interact well with people and tend to enjoy the crowd. You’re usually up for any challenge and willing to do what it takes to succeed.


If you answered mostly C: You are a more logical person. You have to think things through and they need to have reason. You’re also willing to try something different than what others are doing.