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It’s the night of nights

If you’ve ever wondered what some of your teachers looked like at their proms, check this out

Sammy Snyder, Photo Editor

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Hannah Dwyer

US History and World History

     Ms. Dwyer went to Perry Meridian High School.

     She went to prom twice, and attended prom with friends, and a “really good guy friend.”

     Favorite part of prom: “I enjoyed senior year over junior year. I rarely dress up, so it was really cool to see everyone smiling, dancing, and having fun.”

     Prom anecdote: “When [other students and I] were in a fancy little circle before the opening night of the school play, a really good guy friend asked me in front of everyone. It was cute, we were really good friends.”

Joseph Peculis

Chemistry and ICP

     Mr. Peculis went to Lane Tech High School.

     He to prom twice, and he attended prom with friends.

     Favorite part of prom: “At my prom, the group that I went with got a trolley. So, we rode around Chicago and took pictures at landmarks.”

     Prom anecdote: “Earlier in the year, {my prom date} and I were hanging out and she was like, ‘Hey, we’re going to prom together. It was maybe January, so I didn’t think much of it. Then come March or April, she [reminded] me, and I was like, ‘Oh, you were serious about that.’ For my [other] friend, her date dropped out, so she asked if I was free that weekend. So that’s how I got a date.”

Lance Scheib

US History

     Mr. Scheib went to Warren Central High School.

     He went to prom twice, and he attended prom with friends.

     Favorite part of prom: “Seeing everyone dressed up and having fun with my peers.”

     Prom anecdote: “Our prom was in the school gym. An interesting thing about our prom at Warren Central was that we had live music. Henry Lee Summer, a national recording star, that was on every radio station, played at our dance, which was pretty cool.”

Deborah Wittstein

Piano and Musical Director

     Mrs. Wittstein went to Greenwood High School.

     She went to prom twice, and she attended prom junior year with her boyfriend, and senior year with a friend that had already graduated.

     Favorite part of prom: “We had a really neat after-prom. At the end of prom, everybody would go home, change clothes into something more casual. It was a dress, but not formal. After-prom had a live band, with food and games. That went on until three or four in the morning. The next day, everybody went to Spring Hill park for a picnic. It was a 48-hour event.”

     Prom anecdote: “My senior year, I was such a rebel. I wore a black pantsuit. I went with a guy who had already graduated, and I think I shocked a lot of people. I really enjoyed that.”

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It’s the night of nights