Painting the town red

Senior Abi Mirro shares her artwork and her aspirations


Photo by Sammy Snyder

Senior Abi Mirro works on her art in class. Mirro says it’s how she spends most of her free time.

Megan Elizabeth, Staff Writer

Focus and determination: that’s what it takes to do what senior Abi Mirro does on the daily. Her course schedule this year consists of digital design, drawing, painting, and ceramics. Mirro also is taking a printmaking class.  

“I have done art my whole life, it’s just something i’m passionate about. I got started in art because of sibling rivalry,” Mirro said. ”My sister used to be the artist and she taught me everything I know. I ended up wanting to be better than her.”

Her friends say she has her sister beat with almost her whole schedule filled with art classes.

“Art is important to her because it gives her something to focus on, something to love, something to get lost in. Her inspiration comes from her love for K-pop culture and different cultures from around the world,” senior Lana Yarian said.

Her friends noted that focus and determination is the key to good art, and they say determination will take Mirro far with her art career if she decides to take the path she has dreamed about.

“She’s normally a quiet person but I think her art shows her passion and dedication that you can’t hear from her,” senior Izzy Murfield said.

Focus and dedication has not only drawn a pathway for Mirro to follow after she graduates high school, it has helped her create her own style she carries through her art.

“I don’t have a fully developed style yet, but I have something that’s kind of weird compared to traditional art,” Mirro said.

Mirro is not the only one who thinks she has her own individual technique. Even her friends have noticed this.

“Her style is also very unique which is why her art could be considered “different”, Yarian said.

Her art is through her clothing, the painting supplies scattered around her room, as well as her home computer that specialized to help with her digital art more than anything else,” Murfield said.

Mirro has her own style and her schedule full of art classes. What will all her digital design, drawing, painting, ceramics, and printmaking experience take her in the future?

She expressed a want to go to an art school in Japan, which not only would be totally awesome, but would also expand her style and influence with her art. Abi is completely capable of doing anything she desires with her talents,” Yarian says.