Horsing around

One Noblesville resident has a busier backyard than most

Photo by Sammy Snyder
Bill Ashpaugh is the owner of Cherry Wood Stables. Ashpaugh and his wife moved to Noblesville in 1980 and opened up the stables in 1983. In addition to tending to the horses, Ashpaugh has been able to witness the animal’s unique customs. “What’s funny about all the horses is that the colors all stick together,” Ashpaugh said, pointing to a group of horses in the pasture. “The two grays, they stick together, the two bays, they stick together, the sorrels all stick together. Everybody sticks to their own little clique. It’s just how they are. They’re buddies.”

Sammy Snyder and Jack Wanninger

Not everybody can call their backyard a horse stable. Bill Ashpaugh has been running Cherry Wood Stables since 1983. The thirty-acre property is the home to more than thirty horses owned by various locals from all around Hamilton County. For almost four decades, Ashpaugh and his workers have made caring for their horses their top priority. A visit to the massive dusty barn and the growing green pastures of Cherry Wood will seem like a peaceful break from the traditional suburban life we’ve all become accustomed to. The stables can provide an oasis from the chaos of city life.

Photos by S. Snyder