Noblesville Millers defeat Carmel to win Girls Soccer State Championship

The Noblesville Millers beat the Carmel Greyhounds 1-0 and became state champions


Photo by Holden Thomas

The Noblesville Millers celebrate their win 1-0 against Carmel on November 2

Jack Wanninger, Co-Managing Editor

Noblesville versus Carmel. One of the fiercest rivalries known to Hoosier-kind. And it all rested on one goal on one cold November afternoon.

The 2019-20 girls soccer state tournament came to a dramatic end when the Millers defeated the Greyhounds 1-0 at Fishers High School on Saturday, winning the girls Class 3A championship.

NHS sophomore Kiana Siefert scored the contest’s only goal from eight yards out in the 43rd minute on a pass from junior Jenna Chatterton. 

“When I scored, I was in shock,” Siefert said. “I couldn’t believe that it actually happened, but it wouldn’t have been possible without my team.”

Noblesville goalkeeper Sara Kile racked up seven saves during the match. Kile, a junior, said she was anxious going into the game.

“When the game started, I had so many nerves because I knew what was at stake,” Kile said. “The game got going, I settled in, and I was focused—that pushed away the nerves.”

Despite all of the pressure, the Millers’ effort paid off. Junior Emma Potter, who plays left outside back, was thrilled when Noblesville held on to take the state’s 3A top prize.

“It was super exciting to win,” Potter said. “We had put in so much work all season and getting the win made it all worthwhile.”

The victory was the first state championship title for NHS head coach Mike Brady. The Millers have picked up four regional titles in Brady’s 17 years leading the team, and now they have a state title to go along with their other honors. 

“[It] was a bittersweet day,” Kile said. “We won, and that meant a lot to us but it was also the end of an incredible journey, so we also felt a bit of sadness, but I think we were all just trying to enjoy the moment while it lasted.”

Senior Jensen Summers, playing her last season with the Millers, felt the same way.

“To win state felt surreal,” Summers said. “We are a family who has worked very hard to get to this point. As a senior, I am beyond proud of my teammates and the result we got, but I’m sad this is the end of my ride.” 

Kristin Hetzel, the squad’s assistant coach, said she was also proud of the Millers’ ability to succeed this season.

This team had so much tenacity and battled every minute of every game,” Hetzel said. We had games against Zionsville and Homestead where we scored inside the final minute of the game, and then in semi-state against Penn after giving up a late goal we fought back to win the game. This team has such a great combination of character and skill, and the leadership from our seniors set the tone for the rest of the team.”

“Coach Brady told the girls Carmel is a really good team, but we’re a family,” Hetzel said, “and I think that was the difference.”

Additional reporting by Mary Sebbas, Kennedy Miller, and Kaci Craig. Photos provided by Holden Thomas.