Empowering women: Noblesville elementary schools prioritize young girls’ health with motivational groups for youth


Photo by K.Craig

North elementary students smile joyously as they pose next to Melissa Jones, creator of the Girls Positivity Club. The girls proudly show off their colorful posters.

Kendall Reynolds and Hailey Durm

Two words: Women Empowerment. A topic that lots of young women are lacking throughout their daily life because of constant criticism and the pressure they face to create positive relationships and build a healthy amount of self love. To address this problem, both North and White River Elementary Schools are working with girls in K-5 through a group called The Girls Positivity Club to develop a stronger basis on self-happiness and accomplish ways to strengthen friendships.

Melissa Jones, a 5th grade teacher at North Elementary, started the club last year with her 4th graders with the hope of placing more positive guidance in their lives. Throughout her 20 years of devoted teaching, she’s recognized the struggles that young girls are forced to conquer. She says if those issues are not addressed, they could be carried through the girls’ entire lives.

“I have seen a huge need for girls to learn positive habits to use in their daily life as well as to have a positive community of girls surrounding them. I created Girls Positivity Club to form lunch groups for 4th and 5th graders and have grown to an after school program K-5,” Jones said. “We have started a podcast and YouTube channel and I believe this community needs to be in every school across America.  I have big dreams for this mission to empower girls and give them the tools to live their best life.”

By acknowledging the hardships that every girl struggles with,  Jones is hoping to reach girls across the country by inspiring those who are in need of encouragement and motivation.

“I have taught the girls how to set intentions and affirmations, how to mindfully breathe and do quick meditations, how to set goals using vision boards, journaling techniques, the law of attraction, the Five Second Rule,” Jones said. “How to spread positive messages with creating motivating quotes to place around the school, how to practice gratitude, positive triggers for positive thinking, and more.”

Since starting the club, she has also taken the necessary steps to create a podcast and YouTube channel to reach others. While she admits to uploading infrequently, she looks to increase her activity on both accounts in the near future. She says she hopes the Girls Positivity Club will have more content for their viewers who seek positive influence. Though Jones is in the early development, she sees herself expanding this group as far as into college level.

“My overall vision is to reach girls grades K-12 and even college age,” Jones said. “I want this group to be a positive community for girls and young women of all ages to be able to access the content to help them be the best version of themselves and to have strategies and support in place to handle challenges both big and small.”