REVIEW: The Mandalorian Season 1, Episodes 1-5

Star Wars newest show is taking the world by storm


Photo by Disney

Jonathon Page, Sports Editor

Disney has recently released a new streaming service called Disney Plus. Along with the classic animated movies, they have plenty Disney Original series. One of these series is “The Mandalorian”. This series follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter and his adventures in the Star Wars universe. As of now there are five episodes that have come out with new episodes coming out every Friday. I won’t go into detail about the episode to avoid spoilers, but I will talk about certain things from some of the episodes so don’t throw a fit about it.

So far most of the episodes have been structured the same way, with lots of dialogue and character building in the beginning and middle of the episode with the action taking place at the end of the episode. This can lead to some of the episodes being a bit dry since it takes a while to get to the recognizable lazer shootouts that we’ve come to love from Stars Wars. That doesn’t mean the episodes are bad though. All the episodes are shot beautifully and it feels like this show was treated as if it was a new Star Wars movie. The CGI and the practical effects are great from the spaceships to the alien puppets that they use. The sets and locations they used for filming are detailed allow you to get immersed in the world of The Mandalorian.

While having good sets and effects are good, that won’t matter if your characters aren’t good. Luckily the The Mandalorian has good characters played by some superb actors. Pedro Pascal plays the Mandalorian character perfectly. He’s able coin catch phrases like an 80’s action hero. Other actors like Carl Weathers and Nick Nolte who have smaller roles (as of now) play their characters well and are able to give the Mandalorian something to play off of. The Mandalorian himself is an interesting character and we slowly get learn about him through flashbacks and little bits of information he reveals to us. The Mandalorian is also pretty cool, he always does something new and stunning that makes you want to see more of him.

However you can’t have a good main character without good supporting characters. The Mandalorian doesn’t have regular supporting characters that show up in several episodes. Instead they use different small supporting characters throughout each episode. This helps since we get to not only see more of the Star Wars universe, but we also learn more about the main character and how he reacts to certain people. There is one supporting character that has been in every episode. He or she (the show hasn’t told us) is known as baby Yoda. So far baby Yoda has been the most popular character from the show, even outshining the Mandalorian himself. Baby Yoda was introduced in the first episode has become a mainstay in each episode since. The show focuses on the relationship between the Mandalorian and baby Yoda. We get to see the Mandalorian care about something that isn’t just a new bounty.

Overall the show is great and receives 4 baby Yodas out of 5. If your thinking about a Disney Plus subscription then this show should be the reason you start paying the mouse for a new streaming service.