Smoothie King recommendations from a Smoothie King employee

Parker Mutter, Staff Writer

As a Smoothie King Employee, I can verify that the smoothies there are fantastic. Knowing which smoothies are good and which aren’t is a rare bit of knowledge I pride myself on. For that reason, I can share some smoothie advice. Here is a list of a handful of smoothies I have tried and can attest to their quality.

Angel Food – Solid 6/10

Angel Food is a classic, strawberry banana smoothie. It’s rather basic, but it also doesn’t taste bad at all. Overall, it’s a very understandable choice.

Caribbean Way – Amazing 10/10

Caribbean Way is an amazing smoothie, including strawberries, a bit of bananas, papaya juice, and sugar. When I’m looking for a fruity smoothie, the Caribbean Way is my go-to— most definitely a top 5 smoothie.

Banana Boat – Disappointing 3/10

I had higher expectations for the banana boat smoothie. The overload of bananas simply came out as a dull taste. Without extra additives, the Banana Boat comes off as bland and disappointing. That being said, it can be significantly better if you add peanut butter.

Lemon Twist Strawberry – Quality 8/10

The lemon twist strawberry is another amazing fruity smoothie. With an array of juices to go along with strawberries and sugar, I’d highly recommend this smoothie if you want a fruity smoothie without bananas. The name is misleading so don’t expect a ton of lemon. The only lemon in this smoothie comes from white grape lemon juice. Overall, Lemon Twist Strawberry is a great smoothie choice.

Peanut Power Plus – Quality 9/10

Peanut power plus can come with chocolate or with strawberries. This is one of my personal go-to smoothies. The Peanut Power Plus Chocolate with strawberries added is another great choice of mine. This smoothie has more protein than most of the other smoothies on this list other than the Hulk. Considering its health benefits, it can be more practical than the fruity smoothies, and has no added sugar unless you personally request for sugar. 

The Hulk – Decent 8/10

The Hulk is meant for gaining weight. With more calories than probably the whole menu combined (hyperbole), this smoothie contains butter pecan ice cream, Smoothie King’s weight gain blend, and an array of flavor based ingredients. With chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavors, the smoothie can be enjoyed in many ways. Personally, I have found the strawberry flavor doesn’t go well with the butter pecan flavor; the vanilla flavor is the best option available. The Hulk smoothie is great if you’re working out, but its calorie count can be dangerous if you aren’t. Therefore, the Hulk is a great option for athletes.

Pumpkin D’Lite (Seasonal) – Quality 8/10

If you’re looking for a fall seasonal smoothie, this is it. With pumpkin, dates, and an array of spices, this smoothie at its best tastes just like pumpkin pie. Overall the taste is great, but the smoothie won’t be available at smoothie kings for much longer. Overall, this smoothie is a high quality option.

Smoothies I haven’t tried but wouldn’t recommend:

Green Tea Tango: Smoothie King’s green tea powder is not a pleasing ingredient. If I could, I would keep it as far away from my smoothies as possible.

Immune Builder Veggie Superfood: Generally, I would advise avoiding kale, carrots, and spinach in a smoothie. This smoothie has all three of those ingredients.