The age of nostalgia; We’re growing up, and so is our childhood


Kylee White, Photo Editor

After years of watching reruns of movies and shows, snuggled up with your stuffed animals you’ve had clutched to your side ever since you’ve started breathing, the comfort shows and movies teens and young adults have grown up on are getting a makeover. After careful consideration, and a lot of binge watching, I have one thought: I am ALL for it. Yes, there are several times where movies have just been done too many times (I’m looking at you, “Home Alone”) or the classics just can’t be messed with. However, the amount of joy and emotion I felt when Steve from “Blues Clues” came back to talk to us makes me hopeful for the future of remakes.

When we take a look at the live action remakes of Disney movies, they tend to not disappoint as well. “Beauty and the Beast”? Emma Watson KILLED those notes. “Lion King”? Mufasa was played by the same actor that played him in the original. “Cruella” and “Maleficent”? Who doesn’t love a good villain origin story and a killer soundtrack? 

The originals were amazing, but the remakes awaken something inside of those watching them: a feeling of comfort. Watching the remakes of our favorite Disney films creates a connection between our younger self and who we are now. When you were younger, you probably enjoyed Disney movies for the music, the romance, and maybe even the characters themselves. Now that we are all older, the lessons that were embedded in those films resonate with us more because of the fact that once we have grown up, those lessons are applied to our everyday lives. Similarly, the films have grown up with their audience, being able to connect to our lives more because of the content that is created. When we were younger, we saw villains and heroes. However, because of the films “Maleficent” and “Cruella,” we now see how the villains are just regular people who started out like you and me, before unfortunate events strayed them away from their path. 

As a kid you always wonder what you’re going to be like when you grow up. Now that it’s time to grow up, some of us don’t want to leave our childhood behind. However, because of the fact that TV shows and movies are being readapted to fit into today’s culture, our childhood can follow us into this new chapter of our lives. So let’s embrace the fact that remakes are happening, and that it’s sometimes OK to readapt the classics.