Bettering her game: NHS senior Alli Maskew prepares for the spring tennis season


Photo by Gabe Fryling

Gabe Fryling, Sports Editor

Is COVID-19 caused many setbacks for many students, canceling seasons, ending senior careers and creating disappointment throughout the nation for many student-athletes. But for those students who didn’t graduate, it motivated them to get back out there and make the most of their seasons. This is the story for Alli Maskew, a senior tennis player at Noblesville High School who is motivated to make the most of her final season in high school. She wants to continue to better her game, along with helping improve the team as a whole.


“I have a goal of working with fellow seniors to lead the team, bond the team, and inspire the team. I hope that I stand as a role model that the underclassman can look up to,” Maskew said. 


Becoming a better player takes lots of dedication, along with skill and the motivation to succeed. It can be even harder for an athlete who is competing at the highest level of their game. This requires a strong mindset, which is something Maskew works on every time she goes out on the court. 


“It’s not necessarily the mindset of am I good, but more of the mindset of could I do better, because I want to be the best I can be. Tennis is what I love, so I always try my best,” Maskew said.