Growth and goals: the Community Center hosts the Noblesville Schools English Language Learners program

McKenzie Vitale, Staff Writer

6The Noblesville Schools English Language Learners program is helping students to learn the English language, graduate high school, and reach their goals. 


In the Community Center, 60+ students work with teachers to learn English at three different communication levels, even providing classes known as a transition class for students who have aspirations beyond just communicating. 


“These goals may include earning a high school diploma, job training, and attending university courses in the future,” Carmen Howell, who runs the program, said. 


Not only is this a program that provides education for students, but it also offers options for adults. 


“Our program currently offers 5 daytime ELL adult classes at another location since Noblesville Community Center houses other classes during the regular day,” Howell said.


This program has encouraged and pushed students to work towards better employment opportunities.