COVID-19 curveballs: NHS interns and cadet teachers are facing limited options

Olivia Jackson, Design Editor

In four short years, high school students are expected to gather all the experience they need to set off into the real world. A curve ball has been set crashing into soon-to-be NHS graduates, for many of their opportunities to learn and grow have been tainted or ended completely.


Covid-19 seems to be slipping into the past with masks becoming optional. Yet cadet teaching and NHS internships are still being heavily impacted by covid. Dan Nicholson, an internship coordinator at NHS, is no stranger to the issue. 


We have a difficult time finding medical based placements due to restrictions by some of our partners. We also lost a few partners this semester due to changes in their COVID protocols,” Nicholson said. 


The limited placements and few options hasn’t stopped the flow of NHS students from signing up for the programs. Placements are currently underway with 200 interns and another 60 cadet teachers. Mark Wilkinson, another internship coordinator at NHS, has had many student meetings over the past few weeks to review their options.


“We are currently meeting with prospective interns and cadet teachers to discuss placements. After this is completed, we will contact businesses and building principals to begin determining placements,” Wilkinson said.


Even with the slashes throughout the programs, NHS pushes forward. Any NHS student looking to participate in, or find out about, these programs should contact their counselor, who say opportunities for a student’s future are never completely gone.