Dance floors to dinosaurs: NHS prom will be hosted at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


Photo by Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet Kaur, Co-Features Editor

The NHS Student Government has been busy at work with planning for this year’s prom, which will take place at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis on May 14th, 2022.  The decision to host the prom at the Children’s Museum has been met with a mostly positive response from NHS students. 


NHS student government officer Anna Mullen says the plans for the location have been long in the making. 


“We were already planning on having a prom there in the year 2020, but because of COVID, we couldn’t,” Mullen said. “Since this year, we have finally started to get to a ‘new normal,’ we just carried over the idea to this year.”


Junior Kaelyn Hart believes that the Children’s Museum is a nostalgic location to host a prom at.


“I think it’ll be a trip down memory lane,” Hart said. “I haven’t been there for a long time, so it’ll be really enjoyable to see how everything is. It’s such a fun and new idea.”


However, unlike Hart, junior Caroline Santerre is perplexed by the decision to host the prom at the Children’s Museum.


“I find it funny—I’m not exactly sure how much I like it,” Santerre said. “It’ll be fun but it won’t feel traditional. It’s definitely weird. Having a prom at a traditional venue like a ballroom would’ve been more appropriate for sure.”


Amongst the exhibits that are going to be reserved for the prom, the dinosaur exhibit and the Ancient Greece exhibit have been finalized. Hart is most excited for the dinosaur exhibit.


“It’s going to feel so nostalgic for me. I have a lot of childhood memories associated with seeing all the exhibits, especially the dinosaur exhibit. It’ll be so exciting to see the exhibit again,” Hart said. 


Although Santerre may be confused by the idea of hosting the prom at the Children’s Museum, she plans on going regardless. 


“Prom is such a stepping stone in terms of a high school experience. I will still go,” Santerre said. “I’m going to go there with a positive attitude because ultimately, the location doesn’t matter as much as the actual experience of being at prom with your friends or significant others.”