Big Apple, big dreams: the NHS concert band is headed to New York City

Kendell Simpson, Lifestyles Editor

The final moments before spring break become closer and closer. The clock seems to tick ever so slowly as the final bell seems to ring throughout the community. While students, as well as teachers, rush out to their rides, the NHS concert band begins their trip to the Big Apple.


The afternoon of 3/25 is one that many concert band students have looked forward to. Junior Robert Butler touches on what the trip to New York City will entail.


“We’re going to do tourist things like seeing the Statue of Liberty, a bunch of museums, and even a musical. The most exciting thing is we have a concert in the middle,” Butler said.


With the trip approaching quicky, Butler eagerly awaits this trip and relates it to a similar one in his early band career. 


“I’m excited, in 2019 we went to Disney World and that was a lot of fun so I’m hoping for a similar experience,” Butler said. 


As the third quarter of the 2021-2022 school year finally arrives, the students of the concert band begin their trip.