Swing and swoosh: the NHS boys’ golf team is preparing for invitationals

Ian Pigors, Staff Writer

Brace. Swing. Swoosh. The sound of the golf ball leaving the end of the club. A sound all golfers long for. For the NHS golf team, this is a sound that has been months in the making. 


Since March, the Miller boys’ golf team has been preparing for a big stretch of invitationals. Jackson Umthum, a freshman golfer, says the team is still trying to find their identity and is making tweaks to their game plan as the weeks go on. 


“As the beginning of seasons tend to be, we are still working out kinks within not only our scores but positions within the team,” Umthum said.


Umthum mentioned that the team has been practicing five days a week, with Friday being the most vital of the practices in preparing for the upcoming invitational.


“The most important of these practices being the Friday ones, as they are specifically designed to prepare our team for the upcoming invitationals on Saturdays,” Umthum said. “These meetings with coaches help the players feel more comfortable and relaxed having some prior knowledge going into the unfamiliar courses.” 


With the added preparation and continued adjustments, Umthum is hopeful and believes the team has a great chance in the state tournament if the team plays to their strengths.


“Our team has a long stretch coming up of just an invitational per week,” Umthum said. “So hopefully along this stretch we can lower scores and improve our games, which will be much needed coming into our end of season stretch where we want and expect to peak in our performances. I believe that we have a good chance to make it far, if we are playing our best golf.”