Feeling the love: NHS’ Key Club gets crafty and makes seniors’ days

Addison Bussell, Staff Writer

Spread the word: NHS’ Key Club spread the love to Hamilton County’s nursing home residents this Valentine’s Day. They met in Ms. Muhvic’s room during AL on February 14th and crafted handmade valentine cards, some personalized, for elderly Hoosiers who may not otherwise have received anything during the holiday.


“It’s important for people that maybe don’t have families anymore or don’t get enough love… making these cards are important for them to let them know that we’re thinking about them,” sophomore Katy Luna said. “Just so they can have an understanding that they still have someone caring for them and looking out for them.”


Sophomore Julie Nguyen also hopes that the recipients of these cards will feel valued.


“Everyone should feel appreciated on a holiday,” Nguyen said.


All in all, Key Club members involved in this activity simply hoped to make a difference in their community, spread a little love on a holiday, and earn a volunteer hour or two.


“I think it will just brighten their day,” said senior Ansley Warren.