I wanna be in the sequel: Answer these questions to know which Halloween movie you are

Tori Rowe and Danielle Hook

Want to find out more about your quiz results? Check out the answers down below.


Scream: Do you like scary movies? If you got Scream, you definitely do. You have the vibe of a small town with a flare for mystery. You seem to be reserved, but once people get to know you, they’ll notice how fun and eccentric you are. You might sneak up on people, and always come as a surprise. People love you, but they’re also a little bit intimidated when you come around.


Friday the 13th: If you got Friday the 13th, you have a classic feel to you. You can also be funny and spontaneous when it’s least expected. You enjoy being out in nature, although Camp Crystal Lake might not be your ideal vacation spot. You might be a little naive, but you’re extremely clever for the most part. 


Hocus Pocus: If you got Hocus Pocus, you leave an impact on others, as if you put a spell on them. You can be strange, although it’s in a good way. You love animals, especially black cats. You’re a bit of an old soul, and a lover, not a fighter. You might be childlike sometimes, however you’re always the life of the party. You’re wholesome and comforting to be around. But remember, don’t light any candles in creepy old houses.