Fall in love with this season’s looks

Becca Garber, Staff Writer

With the leaves turning red and the air growing cold, people adapt from hot, sunny weather to chilly, sweater weather. What’s the key word? Sweater. From jeans, to leggings, to sweaters, to sweatshirts, there are many items of clothing that seem to arise as fall approaches. Comfy is always cute, but how can you really find a way to upgrade your fall look this season? 

Crewneck Sweatshirts

A spin on the classic, everyday hoodie, minus the hood. This piece originated from the ‘30s, but became trendy towards the ‘50s. The crew neck can be paired with a cute pair of mom jeans, regular leggings, or a skirt. 

Cropped Sweaters 

 With it not being quite winter yet, you can easily have less coverage in some outfits. The cropped sweater is a perfect mix of summer and winter clothes and can be worn with almost anything, especially denim. 

Flare Leggings

Paired with sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and crop tops, these pants could be worn in any way possible. First being introduced in the 70’s, this item has made its way up and became a staple item in many closets. These pants are perfect for fall with a perfect mix of comfy and cute.


There is no worry about being cold in this type of shirt. The turtleneck provides warmth and a good look on a cold day. This is typically worn with jeans, patterned pants, or leggings. 

Patterned Pants 

Instead of pairing a plain sweater with a regular pair of jeans, patterned pants are the way to go for a unique fall outfit.  From stripes to stars to plaid, the possibilities are endless.

Anything Plaid 

 Plaid is the perfect representation of fall, plaid pants, scarves and flannels turn anything into autumn. They can take any plain outfit no matter how casual and turn it into something chic. This can be worn in any environment including school, home, or to the pumpkin patch.  To achieve the best fall look, plaid is a perfect piece that everyone should have in their closets.