Meet the candidates: A Q&A with those running for Noblesville’s School Board


With Noblesville’s School Board election right around the corner, the Mill Stream reached out to all five candidates in hopes to encourage young voters to engage with the upcoming election. Brian Laskey, Joe Forgey, Chuck Haberman, Misti Ray, and Melba Kiser were contacted with the same six questions, and all but Kiser agreed to participate. Each candidate’s responses have been copied verbatim below.

1. If elected, what are some goals that you would like to accomplish?

Brian Laskey: 

A few pillars of my campaign are improving teacher salaries and increasing supply funds, expanding opportunities for apprenticeships and vocational learning, supporting social-emotional learning and directing funds to STEAM education. I also believe communication is key, so I would hold regular meetups and office hours to listen to students, teachers, and the community to get their view on the district’s performance. 

I do believe in being fiscally responsible. But this is not a “increase taxes” idea. I support the need for our referendum but when it comes up for renewal, I would reevaluate what we are using those funds for, and the existing fund rate to see if we could lower it due to new home growth.

Joe Forgey:

I have had the privilege of serving on the Noblesville School Board for the last four years. During this time we have been an “A” district as rated by the Indiana Department of Education, scoring above the state and National averages in academic testing data. We’ve been recognized in the top 1% nationally for our science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) curriculum.

Noblesville High School has also been named to the National Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Roll for multiple years. I would continue to push these areas of academics. In addition to that I want push the Pursuit Institute (the Hamilton County Center for Career Achievement) as my top goal over my next term on the board. This would allow our students to have increased opportunities in Career and Technical Education(CTE) right here in Hamilton County. My second goal would be to develop an Immersion Class with our school system.

Chuck Haberman:

Life & Employability Skills and Career & Workforce Development – As a school board member, I will continue to work to provide students the opportunity to explore, understand, and engage careers. I also want to support students’ development of life and employability skills such as personal financial management, managing stress, situational awareness, and performing in a team; all of which are required to thrive in today’s workforce.

Communication & Accountability – When elected to the school board I will practice open and honest communication; listening, understanding, and being a voice for the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the community. I will also hold myself, my peers, and the administration accountable for their performance in carrying out their duties.

Financial Stewardship – As a school board member, I will ensure that the schools continue to be good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars and explore all funding tools to meet the system’s goals.​

Misti Ray:

If elected, a few of the goals I would like to accomplish are to remove non-academic curriculum from the classroom so the teachers can have more time to do what they went to college to do… be a teacher, not a parent.

2. Why are you running for office? Is there a particular issue that has motivated you to run?


My son started kindergarten this year at North, and I have always been a youth and education advocate. I believed I would be doing a disservice if I did not get involved in Noblesville more. In talking to members of the community they advocated for me to run, and my platform is built around my beliefs, experiences, and what I have heard from community members.

Additionally, the lack of respect some members of the community hurl towards our teachers is disheartening. These professionals pour their souls into this career, yet we do not treat them like the educated, credentialed professionals they are. In no other profession does the community jump to tell them how to do it, and that is wrong, and a disservice to you, the students.


I have lived and worked in Noblesville as a Pediatric Dentist for 45 years. During this time I have tried to make a difference in the life of a CHILD both as a pediatric dentist and a long time supporter of Noblesville School’s students. Many students and many of your teachers have been patients of mine over these many years. This school system and this community have been so good to my family over these years. Five of my children were educated in Noblesville Schools and I currently have five grandchildren in our schools. I am running for this office as my personal payback to our great schools and this great community. There is no one personal issue that motivated me to run. I want Noblesville Schools to be a welcoming place for ALL and provide every child the best possible education for her or him.


My main motivation for running is ensure students have all the tools, resources, and leadership needed to experience outstanding educational opportunities. I know that talent is a top priority to economic growth in our future. I want to continue to support the district’s efforts in adapting to new and emerging technologies and disciplines. Personally, my kids are starting school. Paige just started kindergarten at Noble Crossing, and Connor will be a couple years behind her, so I’ll be involved in the school system for the next 15 or so years.


I am running for school board so that I can be involved and help make a change for the better.  The current divisive climate has started to spill over into the classroom & is affecting our students learning, friendships & self-coping abilities.

3. What distinguishes you from other candidates?


I have a robust background that lends itself well to service on the School Board. I have over a decade of Human Resource leadership at organizations of various sizes from Fortune 50 to a $15 million for-profit. I now oversee all Human Resources for a $25 million non-profit with a statewide presence and state and federal contracts. 

I have led and served on other boards before, including College Mentors for Kids, Storytelling Arts of Indiana, and Indiana Collaboration for Families with Infertility, so I understand consensus building, working as a team, fiscal responsibility and importantly, that no board member can take any action or make promises to act because their authority and power only comes when sitting as a board. 

I have a documented belief in DEI, and would serve ALL of Noblesville, not just those who look, worship, love, or identify as I do or would prefer they do. 


My life’s experiences very much distinguish me from the other candidates. I have 45 years of experience of working very closely with children and their parents in this community both inside and outside of our schools. During this time I have served in many capacities with in our schools including dental health guest lecturer and career fair participant. I also served on the Millers Backers and Miller Ambassadors. I was an assistant NHS girls soccer coach and on various other committees as needed. Most recently as School Board President I lead the search for our new Superintendent, Dr. Dan Hile. I am a guest lecturer at Butler University School of Education on school board practices. The relationships I have with other school board presidents and school administrators is our county, plus my relationships with community leaders would be put to good use.


I feel I’m uniquely qualified for this office because of the combination of my education and professional experience. My education and experience are focused on organizations’ structures, performance, and how to plan for and effectively implement change. The majority of my professional experience in Noblesville has been focused primarily on talent and workforce, which has placed my work interests in the nexus between education and industry. My job is to understand those unique organizations and find common ground and goals to provide the best opportunities for students and job seekers. As a school board member, I’ll be able to utilize my pragmatic, analytic decision-making abilities, coupled with my strong empathetic, critical listening skills to work with the school’s administration, teachers, parents, and the community at large to ensure we continue to provide the best for our students.


What distinguishes me from the other candidates are that I’m a mom of three children who has gone through Noblesville Schools herself, has had a child in our schools for 22 consecutive years with eight more years to go.  Kids are a priority, not political agendas.  Among numerous volunteer positions I’ve held in various settings involving children & students over the last twenty-two years, I’ve also been a substitute teacher for about six years & love it!

4. What do you see as the School Board’s primary role?


The School Board provides financial oversight for the district ensuring that it is being a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. We are the supervisor of the Superintendent, so holding them accountable for their performance and the performance of the district.

Additionally, we’re a sounding board for the district administrators as they are planning new curriculum and materials. We listen to grievances from teachers should they rise to that level and sit on various committee to help the district operate. I would add that the Board should have more direct lines with students, teachers, and the community not to circumvent ant “chain-of-command” but to have a 360-degree feedback loop to really hear unfiltered opinions on how the schools are operating.


The School Board is the policymaking body, while the function of the  superintendent is administrative. The policymaking body preforms the legislative or discretionary functions while the executive office carries out policies through administrative function.


School board members’ role is to collectively represent the entire community as they develop the vision, mission, and goals of the school district. They are also responsible for hiring and evaluating the performance of the superintendent. At the heart of all those responsibilities, it’s imperative that students remain the focus.


The primary role/responsibility of a school board member is to work together with the Superintendent & the school district, as a whole, to focus on the students & ensuring they are receiving an education they deserve in an environment conducive to their educational needs, regardless of their path upon graduation.  This means being a partner with each other, including the families of each student.  We have a great school district so we need to make sure we stay on track to continue being a great school district.

5. What are the existing strengths of the district? What are the weaknesses?


I think you do not need to look hard to find the strengths of our district. We have incredible educators and phenomenal programs that are recognized not just at the state level but nationally as well. This is a testament to the work that the teachers do, and that you, the students do because of them.

Now, being in HR we never speak of weaknesses but opportunities. Our opportunities in Noblesville would be improve teacher compensation so we are not the lowest paid metro district in the county. This will help with recruiting teachers, but also with retaining teachers.  I also want to focus on career readiness for those who have decided that college isn’t for them through apprenticeships with local businesses to give real world experiences.


The teachers in Noblesville Schools are the backbone of our district and our number one strength. I have had the privilege to spend a great deal of time observing their incredible work with you students. Next would be our student body. As I attend all things related to Noblesville Schools and mix with the student body, our future is in good hands. I have seen incredible things, science projects, essays, art, robotics, engineering, plays, musicals, debates, band performances, welding classes, electrical classes, state championships in both girls and boys athletics, state and national recognition for our preforming arts, and much more from you students.(I am so proud to represent you students across the state as your school board president the last two years). Our administrators at all levels starting with Dr. Dan Hile are all strengths of our district.

By moving the Pursuit Institute to Hamilton County this year we are solving one area that needed to be improved.


I think the biggest strength is the fact that we offer both academic and extracurricular programming that is recognized as being elite. From our world-class jazz band and outstanding show choirs to the nationally distinguished STEM courses, among numerous other accolades, Noblesville Schools provide excellent opportunities to our students.

I think an awesome opportunity for Noblesville schools would be to further help students understand they have the ability to define their own success; whether that’s through military service, college, apprenticeship, or some other training, it requires becoming a lifelong learner. We have to give students, teacher, counselors, and parents opportunities to learn more about those different pathways. As a school board member, I’ll continue to work on building connections that support that effort.


Among many things, I love that we always try to stay current with the courses being offered to our students regardless of the path they choose.  I also love how involved we are within the community & helping one another.  I’ve seen first-hand that we have numerous phenomenal educators & staff members in our district who love what they do, are great at it & it shows.  We need to better support those individuals so they can continue to focus on the students’ education and continue to feel good about what they do.

6. Tell our high school students who are able to vote why they should vote for you. Why are you the best candidate to represent them?


Growing up community service was always a part of my life, and that continued throughout my years at Purdue and into adulthood. Now, I am extremely humbled to be running for School Board and asking for your support. 

As a father I am intimately connected and concerned with our schools’ success. But I understand that my parental rights only extend to my son and not to every child at North or in the district. So, my concerns should be addressed with his teacher or building admin. So, I would never support banning or censoring age-appropriate material for an entire classroom or building.

Additionally, I do not believe in just communicating during election season. I will always have open lines of communication for students, teachers, and the community to voice their questions and concerns.

With Brian on the Board, A Hand Raised is a Voice Heard!


First… all you students who are old enough to vote. The privilege to vote was given to us by those who came before us and many gave their lives for that privilege.

I have spent my lifetime’s work advocating for children. During the last four years as your school board member I have spend hours in the Noblesville Schools and in the Noblesville Community advocating for you students.

I would ask for your vote so that I may be part of Noblesville Schools another four years and continue to advocate for you and represent you.


I spent most of my adult life traveling the world serving in the United States Marine Corps. I made the choice to come back to central Indiana, specifically Noblesville, to set down roots and start a family. A huge reason for choosing Noblesville was school district. Since moving here in 2016, I’ve been serving students and the community in a number of ways, from speaking in classrooms to reviewing resumes at career fairs, you can visit my website to learn more. As a school board member, I want to build relationships in the district and continue to serve our school system and community, so I ask you to please do your research and cast a vote for Chuck Haberman. Thank you!


I would love to see more transparency, accountability & communication within & from our school district as a whole.  We need more focus on our core academics & less of the controversial (non-academic) topics that get in the way of student learning.  While our district isn’t as clouded as some of our neighbors, it is making its way into our buildings.  We need to make sure our students are ready for the real-world life that begins upon graduation whether that includes a career path or moving on to college. We have several students that are ready but what about those that are not?