The voice of the Mill: Looking back at the legacy Kevin Cole left behind as a teacher and announcer


Kevin Cole announces at the Mill

Maria Celis and Max Habel

On game nights, Kevin Cole would take control of the basketball floor. He would control the stands and control the baskets and control the crowd. Not as a player on the court, but as the voice of the Millers. Miller fans who came to watch the games and support the team could feel the sense of pride that Cole would project with his voice every time he spoke through the microphone. 

While students in Cole’s Spanish classes, where he was known as Señor Cole, consider him to be a great teacher and amazing person, he was also, in many student’s opinions, the best announcer that Noblesville basketball has seen. The voice of the Millers as of 2008, Cole passed away in the summer of 2022 after a long fight with cancer, and his fans say his presence will be sorely missed.

“There is a significant hole left behind without Señor Cole, not just in the basketball community, but Noblesville culture in general. Señor Cole embodied what it meant to be a Miller, and had enough school spirit for most of the entire staff combined,” math teacher Jason Giordano said.

One of his biggest fans, former NHS teacher Butch “B-Rob” Robbins says Cole had a huge impact on the Noblesville basketball program. 

“His voice will be missed and his sense of humor when he was announcing will be missed. It will be different not seeing him at the scorer’s table,” Robbins said.

Another Miller who will miss hearing Cole behind the microphone is math teacher Amanda Giordano.

“It was evident that he loved being here and his positivity and love of all things NHS, Millers could always be felt and heard in his voice,” Amanda Giordano said.

In addition to his love of Noblesville, NHS Athletic Director Leah Wooldridge says Cole had a profound impact on the Miller basketball community.

“As an announcer he brought that same excitement and passion to game nights to provide our fans with an experience that they will never forget.” Wooldridge said.

In addition to the fans, Cole also made it a priority to create the best atmosphere he could for the players. His ability to make a home for both the Millers and their fans was, in many students’ and teachers’ opinions, something unique to him. And according to Marc Slain, a Spanish teacher at NHS, Cole always made sure to appropriately honor the players.

“Everytime he announced a game, he wanted to make sure that it was done right and that the players were respected,” Slain said.

But Cole was also a teacher, one who often put his students before himself. And because of that affection for his students, he attended many Miller sporting events and extracurricular activities. Social Studies teacher Eric Gundersen says Cole was a fan of all NHS students.

“Mr. Cole’s time here was far greater than basketball…he was a supporter of all things Noblesville,” Gundersen said.

In supporting all things Noblesville, Cole was an advocate for his students and especially for their time in his class.

“He loved Noblesville. He loved announcing Miller games… but most of all, he loved teaching. He cared about students really learning the Spanish language and culture,“ said Alison Cole, Kevin Cole’s wife and an eighth grade teacher at NEMS.

In honor of Cole’s love of the Spanish language and his dedication to his students, the Conversation Club, along with many teachers around the school, worked together to have a bench made in his honor. It was specially made a black-and-gold bench to represent his love of Miller sports.

“The bench is located in the commons on the west side of the stairs.  He would often sit and talk with teachers and students before school in that same location” Slain said.

In addition to being in remembrance of Cole, the bench also reminds students and teachers who walk past of his values and commitment to NHS, his students, and Noblesville basketball.

“Having the bench placed there in his honor will be a wonderful reminder that Señor. Cole is always a Miller.” Amanda Giordano said.

In honoring his school spirit, the bench also includes a plaque that says “In Loving Memory of Señor Kevin Cole. Always a Miller”  One of the most notable ways that Cole was always a Miller during his fight with cancer, as he prioritized his students and his passion for teaching and Noblesville High School because ultimately it made him feel better while doing what he loved. 

“He told me he would rather feel horrible from cancer and help his students than feel horrible from cancer and sit at home.  I will always respect and remember that dedication.  While he wasn’t always able to do that, he did his very best to always show up and make sure that his presence at NHS made a difference,” Slain said.

To many at NHS, students and staff alike, Cole was a man of many titles: a Miller, a teacher, a family man, a friend, and a Miller basketball announcer. Crowds at the Mill, filled with students, teachers, and friends, will remember his as a great entertainer.

“I will always remember Señor. Cole was a man that truly had a passion for helping kids, loving NHS, and loved representing Miller Nation behind the mic in creating the best atmosphere in high school basketball,” Wooldridge said.