High hopes: After a successful season, the football team looks forward to major improvement


Trace Downs

With the sports teams at Noblesville High School becoming the first to win three IHSAA state titles on the same day, to many Noblesville students, it’s an understatement to say that the school had a good fall sports’ season. The football team is no exception. Although they never got to that number one position, the players fought hard and played well.

Senior offensive lineman Drew Page believes that this year’s team was tight-knit here at NHS.

“We have great team chemistry and we all get along very well with one another…we all pretty much hangout and grab food every week and after every game.” Page said.

Like Page, junior kicker Jack Letourneau, believes that chemistry helped the team improve. But, he also believes that the team’s hard work helped as well.

“Everyday, everyone worked so hard and put effort into playing the best that we could,” Letourneau said. 

Letourneau and Page’s words hold truth. For the first time in two decades, Noblesville made it to the playoffs and won a game.

“It was amazing to beat Zionsville. It was Noblesville’s first playoff win in 20 some years. We were very excited and the locker room was bumping after the win, it felt great and made the season feel that much better,” Page said. 

For Letourneau, the comradery amongst his teammates after the win stood out. 

“The locker room afterwards was the best part. Everyone was hype and the feeling of being in there was awesome,” Letourneau said.

            The win against Zionville lifted spirits and the team hopes that next year will be their best one yet. The Millers are ready to walk home, trophy in hand.