Freshmen frenzy: Miller Mentors ease freshmen lives

McKenzie Vitale, Staff Writer

For freshmen, starting a new year at a new school can be daunting, but through the Miller Mentors program, freshman students are able to find a place to get involved in the school community and make friends. Senior Alissa Earl, a member of the Miller Mentors program, knows the program in and out. 

“We started Miller Mentors the summer before the start of the school year at the Freshmen Orientation,” said Earl. “Ever since then, we’ve periodically visited a designated freshman AL to connect with the students and act as a helping hand for any of their concerns or by giving any advice we have as seniors.” 

Recently, the mentors have had a meeting with the freshman students to connect with them through games such as “Poisonous Dart Frog.” Watching these students connect with one another through unifying games means the world to Earl. “This program means a lot to me because I can understand the importance of it.” Earl said. “I remember how nerve-racking the transition into high school was, so I was really honored to be able to help someone else feel more comfortable at school!”