Smashing successes: E-Sports continues to make encouraging strides towards a bright future

Max Habel, Staff Writer

Animated characters fly all over the screen, jumping, weaving, attacking, and defending all at once. Giant hammers, fists, lasers, swords, fire, and arrows fly through the air, but somehow this all seems to miss the band of warriors. To many people, the frenzy of the characters is confusing and indecipherable. However, for E-Sports players, this game, Super Smash Bros, is just one of many which they have dedicated themselves to.

With their first half of the season over, the E-Sports team is looking forward to an equally successful second half. Despite their rigorous schedule and arduous training, the team finds a way to win at many games, including: Chess, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Tetris, and Valorant. They do so even at the top of the ranks.

“Our teams worked hard to improve their skills to get a great start for our spring season. We traveled to two tournaments and competed at a high level at both. We are very much looking forward to this spring,” said Matt Craver, resource teacher and sponsor of the E-Sports team.

Also, the E-Sports team got the win in their tournament at home in Super Smash Bros. This was a huge win—not only for the team, but for Noblesville E-Sports as a whole, as this was their first ever tournament held at home.

“The tournament is going to be an annual event that occurs in the fall. It is called ‘The Luna Tunes Invitational,’” said Adam Zoibi, English teacher and sponsor of the E-Sports team.

In addition, Zoibi and Craver host the “Kick It” events to support newfound video game lovers and inspire them to join their E-Sports team. All are welcome and encouraged to come and enjoy gaming. 

“Pizza, drinks, good times, and lots of video gaming are to be expected at our ‘Kick It’ events,” Craver said.

If you’re interested in joining the E-Sports team, head to a ‘Kick It’ event or contact Zoibi or Craver.