Harboring heritage: How a small club becomes a home

Olivia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The room fills with the echoes of talking students, bouncing off the walls in every direction. The buzz and excitement of a new meeting, awaiting the events and announcements of the day. As everyone in the LGI becomes accounted for, a silence clouds over the room, and notes from the previous meeting are read. This is all in anticipation for the upcoming games the Latino Student Union (LSU) has planned for its members today.

The LSU is a club with, but not limited to, students of Hispanic or Latino descent. The club holds meetings in the gym or the LGI room, gathering the students together with different activities and announcements. According to junior Katy Luna, who serves as vice president, the goal is to make every member feel like they have a place where they can feel comfortable.

“The whole purpose of this club is to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for people of Hispanic and Latino background to come together and have fun,” Luna said.

The fun that the club has is all thanks to the many games, outings, and prizes the students can participate in. The LSU plays games such as Family Feud, and a Hispanic version of Jeopardy, mostly giving prizes to the games winners. Events outside of the school are also occasionally held for the club, reaching for fun and connection.

“[We] play lotería, host soccer games and host small event[s] outside of the club,” Luna said.

The different events the club participates in promote their main goal of learning about their culture, or helping others of different cultures learn as well. Students from different backgrounds are also welcomed to participate and learn about Hispanic and Latino culture. 

“[The LSU] is open for anyone–no matter what ethnicity or background they might have–who is willing to learn new things about different cultures, meet new people and just have fun,” Luna said.