If the shoe fits: The stylish sneakers that should be on every student’s shoe rack


Noblesville’s students sport a wide variety of shoes. These choices reflect current footwear fashion among like-minded teenagers.

Aubrey Paul, Staff Writer

     If you’re a sneakerhead, then you’re probably up-to-date with all the latest footwear fashions. However, if you’re anything like the rest of us, then these trends may seem to pass you by as fast as they arrive. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the shoes our students are currently sporting, then look no further — Noblesville’s footwear gurus are here to update you on this season’s styles.

Fit for a King

     Jordans are classic, timeless, and can be purchased in dozens of designs, making it easy to find the perfect pair. Although the price tag on the sneakers can scare some buyers away, according to those who own the shoes, Jordans are manufactured with high-quality material, making the investment worthwhile for shoppers. Additionally, this trend isn’t vanishing anytime soon; Jordans have been in style for decades. After being created and popularized by longtime basketball legend Michael Jordan, the NBA banned the sneakers on the court, which made them even more appealing and elusive to fans of basketball. 

     Sophomore Eliana Baiza frequently sports her Newstalgia Air Jordan 1’s, and recommends them to anyone in the market for a new pair of shoes. “I like them because red is one of my favorite colors and Jordan is one of my favorite brands,” Baiza said. “I usually wear my Jordans with my black cargo pants with a red top or jersey, or I will wear jeans with a white shirt.” When purchasing a pair of Jordans, it may be wise to choose a design containing a color that appears frequently in your wardrobe, ensuring that your new sneakers will coordinate well with your outfits. 

Giving Boring the Boot

     Doc Martens have notably increased in popularity within the last few years, but the boots first became popular during the 20th century. Docs were a staple in many subcultures during the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, specifically in punk and goth communities. They were commonly worn by both men and women, a trend still prevalent today. In more recent times, Doc Martens accompany the outfits of young and old footwear fanatics alike, and can be bought in a variety of designs that appeal to a diverse clientele base. And just in case boots aren’t exactly your cup of tea, the company offers various other types of shoes, such as loafers (Adrian Smooth Leather Loafers) and Mary Janes (Smooth Leather Mary Janes).

From the Court to the Classroom

     If you want a unique pair of shoes that you will never tire of, give Converse a chance. Like Jordans, these shoes were originally intended for basketball players. The company produces new designs each week, and if you can’t find a style that suits you, the brand’s digital store allows you to create your own pair of sneakers. Shoes can be purchased in a variety of colors, patterns, and models, giving shoppers the option to stick with the styles they know or branch out and try something new. 

     Sophomore Cristina Andrews enjoys wearing her All Star Platform Converse, as their white color pairs well with a variety of outfits. “I like that they are shoes that can basically be matched up with anything,” Andrews said. “I didn’t have any shoes that I could wear with cute outfits.” Andrews said Converse are the perfect shoe option for the winter, but they are also just as fashionable come summertime. “I normally wear these shoes with jeans and a cute top or sweater,” Andrews said. 

A Minimalist’s Dream

     If you’re seeking an understated, yet fashionable, shoe that will pair well with anything, then Reeboks may be for you. These everyday shoes display simplistic designs, and can be worn with any and every type of outfit. 

     Senior Richard Gonzalez owns the Club C 85 Reeboks, which typically cost around $80. “I like them because they are a clean white shoe with not much going on,” Gonzalez said. Because of their muted design, he wears his sneakers often. “I don’t usually care that much, as long as I am not dressing formally,” Gonzalez said. Most Reeboks are primarily white, but some designs contain subtle splashes of color that will spruce up your outfits without becoming overwhelming.

     A fresh spin on the classic Ugg boots, the Tasmans are the lat

est combination of comfy and chic. These slippers are optimal for cold winter months, and are perfect for those who are trying to merge fashion and functionality. 

     However, these shoes aren’t the only ones from this brand that are making rounds in Noblesville’s hallways. Junior McKenzie Wilson owns the Double Bailey Bow Uggs, and uses them to stay warm in chilly weather. “[These work with] leggings or tights and a long sweater or dress, and earmuffs or gloves and a scarf,” Wilson said. If the Tasman slippers or Double Bailey Bow Uggs aren’t the right fit for you, try out the Classic Ultra Mini boots or the Disquette slippers.

The History of Footwear

1917 — The first “sneakers” were sold in the United States. They received the still-prevalent term of the “tennis shoe,” as they were originally used by tennis players and children. The shoe’s rubber sole allowed for quick and light feet.

1950 — Adidas releases their first shoe, advertising the cleats towards soccer players. Since the brand’s early beginnings, the sneakers have grown out of their original purpose and into a modern classic that is popular worldwide. 

1960 — Doc Martens were first introduced. They quickly gained popularity, even more so in the seventies and eighties. The boots were a staple in the counterculture movement — an era when many Americans, especially the youth, rejected traditional values and societal norms. Doc Martens signified defiance and united like-minded rebels.

1978 — Uggs were first introduced. Certain styles have risen and declined in popularity throughout the company’s history. For instance, the original Ugg boots were highly desired throughout the early 2000’s, and even though they were blacklisted by fashion trendsetters around 2011, they have become popular yet again in recent years. 

1985 — The NBA bans Jordans. After their prominence both on and off the court, they were forbidden from basketball leagues because of their non-compliance with the NBA’s dress code. However, Nike used this as a profitable marketing strategy for the sneakers, making the shoes even more stylish and intriguing to consumers.

2002 — Crocs are unveiled. The shoes were originally meant for boaters because of their waterproof design and strong grip. However, Crocs became popular because of their comfortable material and functionality. Easy to slip on and off and keep clean, the shoe is perfect for running errands and lounging around the house.