In its crafting era: The Peonies club has plans to continue their volunteer work in the spring semester

Maggie Hoppel, Features Editor

The Peonies club meetings smell like paper and glue. They sound like in depth-discussions about body image and equal rights. And they look like a group of people—not just women—committed to uplifting women in our school and wider community. 

Club leader Ellie Payne is a senior this year. She plans the meetings and decides on topics for the group to discuss and volunteer work for them to enjoy together. Lately, they’ve been creating a lot of homemade items. 

“The Peonies is in its crafting era,” Payne said. 

One of these crafts is in collaboration with the school’s fashion club, led by junior Addie Cooley. This project is called Sew Powerful. To complete it, Payne says the fashion club will first make bags to distribute to women in the community, and then the Peonies will make cards to go with them. 

“The cards are really cute. Some of them have flowers on them or are shaped like purses,” Payne said. “Our job is making them and putting encouraging messages inside.” 

The Peonies also work outside the school with various community groups. As leader of the club, Payne has a huge role in arranging these partnerships. 

“The Gal’s Guide library in downtown Noblesville is doing a Galentine’s Day celebration, so we’re helping on February 4th with setup and crafts,” Payne said. 

And, as always, the Peonies are on the lookout for new members who are passionate about uplifting women in our community, especially as a new semester begins. 

Contact Ellie Payne if you’d like to attend a meeting!