Planning for AP: Take a look at the benefits and downsides of AP classes


Landon Durm and Max Habel

You stare down the long list of To-Do’s, wondering just where to start. Your phone buzzes, startling you, but it’s just your friends: “Where are you? Are you coming?” they ask. You sigh, knowing that they’ll have to go on without you, and the world continues on while you look back toward the long list full of AP coursework.

As students are beginning to build their schedules, many are considering Advanced Placement classes for the coming year. Experienced students have formed their own opinion on the topic of AP courses and the amount of time and effort they require. But what about underclassmen who have not taken an AP course yet?  Is an AP class right for you? These courses provide many advantages, but along with these benefits come downsides that could be a determining factor in your decision.

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