Hidden behind the coffee beans: The Coffee Mill has had a impact on the culture of NHS


Members of the Asian Student Union prepare iced coffee for their customers at the Coffee Mill. The club is led by juniors Abdallah al Samaraee, Kate Goins, and Julie Nguyen.

Max Habel and Anthony Pratt

In September 2022, the German Club has been hit with an unprecedented time of financial crisis. The members gather together with urgency, attempting to find a way to fund the club they all so dearly care about. Just then, they receive an email. The Coffee Mill has requested that they come in and work for them. 

In a time when many clubs have been struggling, the NHS Coffee Mill has become a beacon of hope. The Coffee Mill, a new venture started by Media Specialist Lucy Misetic, is open to students every Thursday and Friday morning before class offering a variety of goods, including a variety of coffees. The Coffee Mill officially opened in September and has provided a needed source of income for clubs and groups around NHS. In addition, clubs have found the opportunity for bonding, exposure, and fundraising. Misetic believes that they have helped out.

“[The Coffee Mill] helps to promote student groups and lets students see the diverse offerings the school has,” Misetic said. “It gives the clubs another way to show their own culture or show what they’re about.”

The German Club was the first groups to work with the Coffee Mill and since then, they’ve also been the library’s most consistent partner. Many members of the German club, including sophomore German Club member Samantha Hohmann, believe that their time working with the Coffee Mill has been a positive experience.

“The German Club had an amazing time working at the Coffee Mill,” Hohmann said. “I think it’s one of the best community building and club exploring things to do at the school.”

 According to the German club, doing work with the Coffee Mill provides several advantages. They say their time in the Coffee Mill has brought the members of the club together, forming stronger bonds and relationships between them. It has also helped bring exposure to the club.

“Working with the Coffee Mill has made our club members bond more and it helps make people more aware of the different types of clubs in the school,” Hohmann said. 

According to Whitted, the most obvious benefit the club has received for their work is financial growth. 

“When your club works at the Coffee Mill some amount of the funds you make go back to your club, and it helps get your club’s name out there. It helps people know we’re still here,” Whitted said.

The German club was not the only club that has benefited from their association with the Coffee Mill. The Latino Student Union (LSU) has consistently worked with the Coffee Mill, forming a successful partnership between the two. In addition, the LSU has been able to share their culture through the fundraiser, selling conchas and churros, popular Hispanic pastries. Junior LSU member Katy Luna helped sell various items for the fundraiser, and she feels happy for the opportunity to share the group’s culture to the wider NHS community. 

“It was a lot of work but it was fun to work together as a club and see our culture being embraced through our food,” Luna said. “It was wonderful seeing people being curious about our pastries and wanting to try something new.”