Pass, Set, Sport: The NHS mens volleyball team begins their first season as an official sport


This time it’s different. Shuttle buses, locker room access, and, most importantly, recognition. Last year, no matter how many aces were served or how many sets occurred, each match played by NHS’ men’s volleyball team was considered a club match. But not anymore.

At the end of the 2022 spring season, the Miller’s head coach announced to the team the exciting news that the IHSAA had approved men’s volleyball as an official sport in high schools across the state of Indiana. And now, adrenaline is running through the team as they warm up for the spring season with players looking to improve their skills and gain the benefits of being an officially sanctioned school team, as opposed to a club. 

Junior Ryker Lawrence is hyped about his team’s new status.

“I’m very excited that boys volleyball became a school sport because it gives us the opportunity now to feel even more connected to the community and represent our high school,” Lawrence said. 

Now that the boys volleyball team has moved from a club to a school sport, players say the pressure to perform this season has increased. But so has their confidence.

“The boys have made a lot of progress even from just last season.” Jordyn Guenin, the boys coach, and a teacher at NHS says.

As a club, the men’s team did not have the amenities that a school sport would have, such as transportation to away games or even a locker room. Former players worked around these obstacles during their seasons, however it was difficult for the club teams without these basic sports fundamentals.   

“I’m proud of the guys who’ve been playing Noblesville boys volleyball for years and are finally getting the recognition they deserve,” senior Quinn Davis said. “Our hard work is also being rewarded with bus shuttles to away games, locker room access, and more that we are grateful for.” 

Being an official school sport, the team is now exposed to many new opportunities.

“A lot of our players played club during the off season which gives them a great opportunity for more practice, exposure to different coaching styles and ability to play with other student athletes.” Guenin said. 

The players that played for the club now have many more things to achieve and they have great opportunities, the team has grown more with the pressure they endure now.

Athletes at the highschool are doing their part to prepare the future Miller volleyball players. Since the middle school currently does not field a boys volleyball team, the high school squad hosts middle school practices for any younger students who are interested in learning the sport. 

“I would like to see our program grow even larger and become more widespread this season so that men’s volleyball can grow a strong culture that trains kids from a younger age and prepares them for high school games,” Davis said. 

As younger students look forward to playing in high school, the current high school boys are anxious for the new season ahead of them. With each match played this season, the team will be fueled with their hope and excitement, not only for their own season, but for the future of the next generation of players. 

“I hope to see more guys join volleyball because it’s a privilege and great experience where you can meet new people,” Davis said, “and become the best man possible.”

“I think it’s a step up for the boys volleyball team and we’ll be able to actually be recognized as a school sport.” – Junior Micah Sebas