High School Sweethearts: Two math teachers fell head over heels in the halls


Photo by Danielle Hook

Mrs. and Mr. Giordano converse in Mrs. Giordano’s classroom. The wall is filled with photos and art from her family.

Olivia Gonzalez and Danielle Hook

        The yellow lights dimmed as waiters rushed by, nearly knocking down everything in their path. The din of conversation drowned out Jason Giordano’s nervousness. The warm night in 2007 initiated his first date with another teacher. They were two young teachers in the department when they walked into that restaurant 15 years ago, unaware she would be Amanda, soon-to-be Giordano.

     Math teachers Amanda and Jason Giordano met at Noblesville High School in the fall of 2006. They were two young teachers in the department, unaware their new careers would lead them to more than a job opportunity.

     “The freshman campus opened and both of us taught there,” Amanda said. “All of the math teachers’ classrooms were in the same hallway, so we were able to get to know each other quite well.”

     Jason had just started teaching math as Amanda was finishing her semester of student teaching when their paths crossed. Fourteen years after they said “I do,” Jason still has the same impression of her as when they first met.

     “She was [and still] is absolutely gorgeous,” Jason said.

     Some couples may find it difficult to balance work and home life in a situations where the two are inevitably mixed, but the Giordanos appreciate it. They say they get to experience something that most couples don’t get to—the opportunity to spend most of their time together.

     “We’ve never known work life without one another, so it wasn’t awkward at all,” Amanda said. “We don’t argue, so there’s never a worry about bringing anything from home into school.”

     Being in the same school for years, side by side, has helped their relationship flourish, the couple says. Past students have seen this for themselves. In fact, several of the people in Amanda’s classroom take credit for bringing Jason and Amanda together.

     “I coached football at the time, and she had some of my players in class. They like to think they are the ones that introduced the two of us,” Jason said.

     Current students like junior Quinn Conrad, in Amanda’s pre-calculus honors class, have noticed the way she and Jason behave around each other during class time.

     “One time we were going to take a test, and he came into the room acting like he was going to take it as well. He acts silly around her,” Conrad said.

     According to Jason, Amanda brings the fun into any situation. It has been a big part of their relationship and has kept life entertaining in both their home and the school.

     “We’ve always been very good at joking around with each other and not taking everything so seriously,” Jason said. “She’s really easy to talk to and we enjoy all of our time together.”

     Their chemistry continues to blossom through their classrooms, and Amanda wouldn’t have it any other way.

     “I don’t know that I would ever want to teach in this building without him,” Amanda said.